Lazareth Wazuma V8F – The World’s Most Expensive Quad

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We’ve covered the Lazareth Wazuma before, in its E85 drinking BMW V12 semi-bio-friendly form. Of course when you’ve already built a 500hp supercharged slede that makes mothers lock up their daughters, there isn’t much stopping you from pushing the limits even further, as is the case with Lazareth’s latest iteration of the Wazuma platform. Now powered by a Ferrari V8 motor, the Lazareth Wazuma V8F boasts other fun items like its BMW M3 gearbox, with push-to-shift controls embedded into the four-wheeler’s handlebars.

Despite its four wheels, the Lazareth Wazuma V8F is more like a trike than a quad, and has been made so the rear-wheels are close together like road-going trike, and make one virtual über-wheel-of-death that has a contact patch larger than the hole Richard Nixon left in the American psyche after he stepped down from office. Catering to the “I’m not a crook” crowd, Lazareth has posted this monster of a machine on JamesList, the Craigslist of the 1%, and is asking for a mere €200,000 in exchange for ownership of the French-made machine.

At over a quarter-million dollars ($260,940 to be precise), the 650kg (1,433 lbs) Wazuma V8F boasts a 131:1 pounds sterling to pounds lead ratio. That heft, both in weight and price tag, is surely due to the 3.0L V8 Ferrari motor, which resides in the almost go-kart-like chassis and makes 250hp when mated to a BMW M3 six-speed gearbox. Yes, the Lazareth Wazuma V8F is down almost half the horsepower of the original Wazuma, while asking for €30,000 in exchange.

You’ll have to make your own bang-for-buck analysis on that, but other goodies include Momo (+Power) rims, which have been mated to 285?30ZR18 tires up front and two fused 315?30ZR18 tires in the rear, while 324mm Brembo brakes will provide the slowdown power. Suspension has been custom built by EMC, and features four horizontal shock absorbers. Thanks for the tip Dan!

Source: JamesList