L’Avventura by Walt Siegl

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How do you say “The Adventure” in Italian? You start with an air-cooled 1,100cc Ducati engine. You then strip the chassis it comes with, down to only its most essential elements, and then from there you create a purpose-built ADV machine.

You will want to focus on the details too though. Details like long-travel suspension and knobby tires mated to 21″ and 17″ wheels, which are a must, especially if you want to create significant ground clearance.

Contrasting headlights and extensive crash protection help complete the transformation as well, and of course some stylish, but functional, bodywork should wrap everything together.

When you are done with all that, you have the L’Avventura by Walt Siegl – an Italian-bred dual-sport that begs to be taken down wooded trails, lofted over jumps, and railed through dirty berms.

A limited-production creation from Walt Siegl Motorcycles, the exclusive L’Avventura carries on where Siegl’s Dakar-inspired Ducati Hypermotard leaves off.

Instead of just grafting a new set of bodywork on the Italian street bike though, Siegl has made some significant changes to the L’Avventura to make it off-road capable.

Most notable is the beefed up double-sided swingarm design, and the obvious addition of a robust skid plate and crash cages around the v-twin engine.

The rally-raid bodywork is a unique change from Ducati’s lines, giving both a modern feel with its angular shapes, but also a retro flare, with the side-by-side bugeye LED headlights – one clear and one contrasting yellow.

Don’t let the clean lines and stylish design fool you though, L’Avventura was built to get dirty. The bike has a built-in GPS unit in the dash, and the fuel tank holds 6.5 gallons of gasoline, so you can explore well beyond where the sidewalk ends.

Source: Walt Siegl Motorcycles