KTM Adventure 1290 Spotted in the Wild

04/23/2012 @ 12:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

Caught testing in the wild by the folks at Infomotori, these “spy photos” of the KTM Adventure 1290 are the first good glimpse we have gotten of the Austrian brand’s upcoming revamped adventure bike. Expected to hit the North American market in the 2014 model year, the 2014 KTM Adventure 1290 features a water-cooled v-twin motor, which will likely be shared with the 2013 KTM Super Duke R 1290.

Seen here with matte black fairings, and an engineering telemetry box on the back, KTM is likely still developing the Adventure 1290, so it is hard to tell which parts will be carried over to the production model. Noticeably still present is the headlight from the KTM Adventure 990, which along with the rest of the bodywork makes for some “interesting” aesthetic choices.

Hopefully the talented folks over at Kiska can massage the design a bit more (Kiska is the design firm of choice for the Austrian brand), unless keeping the ugly in was a part of KTM’s design brief on the new Adventure. Head over to Infomotori for more photos.

Source: InfoMotori

  • Pretty sure it’s not the same headlight as the 990, just similarities in the overall shape. Also looks like there’s a u-shaped strip of led’s at the bottom of the headlight

  • ngads

    whats the purpose of making there engines larger and larger? I wish ktm made a dakar replica 450 adventure bike for production.

  • ngads

    we are 2.

    My dream is a 400cc, 2 cylinder (V ou inline) with a tank capacity of 25/30 litre..

  • Johndo

    This needs to be pretty far from the final design, or else failure awaits them :P

  • Bit disappointing imo. I liked the monster Dakar rep look. This just looks like they’ve had a fiddle with the plastics on an SMT and then stuck MX wheels on. Was hoping for a giant Coma rep. Ho hum…NEXT!!!!!!!

  • BikePilot

    I’m holding out for the 1290 SMT. Keep it light, ergonomically sensible and unfettered with electronic silliness and I’ll buy one.

  • MikeD


    Is called PEER PRESSURE. Everybody and their bodies are doing it so they can’t be the square ones or be left out.
    Besides, the engine im sure won’t be bigger than 1.2L even tho it claims bigger (1290)…KTM is a bit like Husqvarna and some of the others wierd kids…”obtuse” displacement numbers displayed on the plastics to try be “different” but the real displacement is totally something else.

    Personally, im OK with it. Bigger, fat torque, lower revving engines seem like just what the Dr. ordered to acomplish their way of life…after all, these MAXI trails ain’t getting smaller or ligther any time soon…and apparently they may turn out to be the tourers of the future(have u seen lately any TRUE small cc’s tourers ? Nah, don’t think so).

    To those of us concerned about it’s look(me included)………don’t be……….i still have not seen a good looking dual sport {yet} and i hardly doubt it’ll happen…….it’s that “it comes with the territory” kind of thing…….can’t be helped.
    Is like trying to make a UNIMOG look like a Lamborghini Aventador. U can’t.

  • Johndo

    Well Triumph were able to pull it off with the Explorer 1200, looks great…so function and form and work together sometimes…

  • MikeD


    Hurray for the SMT………..i can’t stand these DS with those functional (yet SILLY LOOKING) 19″ – 21″ front wheels…

    I would love it if each of these Beasts came on 2 flavors.



    OFF-ROAD “Pretender”(21″-19”)… everybody wins…LOL…(^_^)

  • MikeD


    Indeed. If i had to pick the best looking of the bunch i would claim the Explorer 1200.
    It ain’t MV Agusta good looking (none of them will be, nature of the beast)…but they really raised the bar for the other to reach it (and not just aestetically)…again, just this man’s opinion.

  • MikeD


    Does this one counts as a Dual Sport on anyones book ? I think it looks rather good.
    Look Maaa…no silly huge front wheel !

  • para

    ” oes this one counts as a Dual Sport on anyones book ? I think it looks rather good. Look Maaa…no silly huge front wheel !”

    Erm no…If you like Dual Sport wannabe bikes, thats your thing. But if you think, that a large diameter narrow front wheel is silly, then you have 1.) never actually ridden a bike offroad and 2.) no idea, what dual sport actualy means.

    Of course corporate motorbike caters to the biggest market, and thats the fake crowd. Folks who want a motorbike, that looks a bit rugged, but will not actually see anything like dirt or even an unpaved road (unless its the short bit from the house on property to the local main road). See the jokes, that are Hondas latest entries.

    I give credit to Ducati in that regard, at least they arent bs’ing anyone with the Multistrada, even the name makes it clear, its not meant to be off-road capable. For the rest, sure, if a rider wields awesome skill, they will be able to take them to places, then again, whats the point, if you have to struggle with an inherently flawed bike?! Whoever is halfway serious about the DS idea, wont move beyond 650-800 cc (the fairly capable 990 included, though weiht does not do it any favours either).

  • MikeD


    Nope, don’t like DS’s…i do like “standards with long travel suspension and hard-bags”…

    Yes, no off-road xperience whatsoever…on my part of the USA there’s no wild off-road areas to xcersice such discipline…only flat, long, almost straight PAVED roads with a really wide and long curve into the mix from time to time but those are really scarse…can u guess where im at ?

    Meaning of DS ? Baahh, the darn thing has been portrayed in so many shades AND shapes that i don’t know who to belief anymore…LMAO…(^_^)

  • keefer

    was it just me or did anyone else see this pic before it was blurred… ha! nice one A&R

  • watcher

    If they fail here as with EXP series it will be big problem already.

  • MikeD


    Ok, let me see if i understood u right….

    Were u trying to say:

    If they fail here as to raise the bar above the Triumph Xplorer 1200 it will be a big problem already ?

    Is that right or wrong ?