KTM Is Working on an 800cc Parallel-Twin ADV Bike

06/30/2016 @ 12:46 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


“If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to” seems to be KTM’s marching orders right now, as the Austrian brand is pushing into seemingly every segment and market with its motorcycle lineup.

KTM already has a robust off-road lineup, which they have used to launch themselves into the ADV category with great success. As such, the KTM 1190 Adventure series already sees strong sales success with adventure-touring riders, but KTM isn’t resting on those laurels.

Set to debut a 800cc parallel-twin platform later this year, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer has revealed, while talking to MCN, that his company will soon have a rival for the Honda Africa Twin.

At this year’s fall trade shows, KTM is expected to debut an 800cc parallel-twin motorcycle for its Duke line of street bikes. That in itself is an interesting prospect, one we have already spent some words musing over.

Now, it seems that KTM will use that same platform to make an 800cc parallel-twin adventure-touring machine, which will go head-to-head with the Honda Africa Twin, according to Pierer.

From that, we can assume that the KTM 800 Adventure (our name, not KTM’s) will make a touch over 100hp, be lightweight, and be priced aggressively, near the $13,000 mark.

We can likely expect a 21″ hoop at the front to keep the bike’s off-road credentials in place, though it will be interesting to see if KTM offers an on-road model as well, with a 17″ or 19″ front wheel and non-knobby tires.

We will also be interested to see how KTM balances cost and features, namely with advanced rider aids like cornering-ABS. We can expect ABS and traction control, of course.

Source: MCN

  • griesgram999

    Does an 800 Adventure leave any room for the 1050, especially if there will be road oriented 800.

  • kaliberr44

    @Jensen – did you do the final Africa Twin review? Because I can’t find it on A&R

  • Emptybee

    It will also be a direct competitor to the BMW F800GS/GSA and the Triumph Tiger 800. Looking forward to it!

  • MrDefo

    KTM is selling well, but I’m surprised that they have the market to make so many diverse bikes. I’m looking forward to this one for sure.

  • Sam Miller

    They needed this 7 years ago. Playing catch up now.

  • Paul M. Fenn

    As a former 800GS owner who’s now owned by a 950SE, I can see KTM kicking Axis butt hard with this bike. The 800GS was a fun bike, but there were many things about taking it offroad that were not fun. Its weight, top-heaviness / high centre of gravity and general low-speed tippiness, prime among them. Suspension also. And its power/torque, while OK, feels really rather tofu-ish compared to the flaming banshee propelling me now.

    I just wonder, why’d they go with a para-twin, rather than a V, which so nicely addresses the centre of gravity question? Perhaps the top end’s made of air. Or its a blue-stroke. Now wouldn’t that be a ludicrously fun toy!

    Also, with the big bike ADV market getting crowded, I have to wonder if bike makers now monitor the riders’ forums as an adjunct to their own R&D to see what’s pissing each set of owners off most. @Jensen, you guys might do a piece on this, as millions of riders have surely wondered about it.

  • appliance5000

    “Its weight, top-heaviness / high centre of gravity and general low-speed tippiness, prime among them. Suspension also. And its power/torque, while OK, feels really rather tofu-ish compared to the flaming banshee propelling me now.” Apart from that it was fun?

    A P-twin puts the weight up front and allows for a shorter wheel base. Much more flexible in terms of COG etc.. Hopefully it won’t be too stressed with high compression, high octane etc..

  • Paul M. Fenn

    The 800GS was damn good fun… for the first couple of years. That was mainly because I had not ridden much in the previous 15, and I had thought my dirty years behind me. I bought it new in 09 and after a few weeks of Ontario pavement, I started exploring NY and PA, both of which I discovered are riven with gravel, oil access roads and trails, plenty of them good and technical. I grew very bored of tar and began to push the GS into the deeper woods, and to mod it to the best of my wallet’s ability. When I did the Spring Raid mudfest here near Toronto about 4-5 years back, I met a few guys who rode 9XXs into deep woods trails and who rapidly showed me my own and my GS’s limitations. Once that fire was lit, it was only a matter of time before I climbed onto a 950. I don’t miss the GS, but credit it with dragging me offroad. Problem now is I have no excuses when I fail, other than my own lack of talent or balls, both of which are considerable.

  • Gary

    Bring it!!!!!!!!! I’m a HUGE fan of the underdog enterprise. All David-Goliath references aside, KTM brings a certain focus and detail to the table that few can match. Whatever the architecture, you can be sure this is a well integrated design that nails it in application.

  • David

    So with ktm, you have the choice of a righteous liter sized vtwin, small peppy thumper, or a boring midsized parallel twin. And here I was praying for a sub-1000cc vtwin…

  • AHA

    Well, exactly. Presumably the 1050 was/is just a temporary range filler till this new range hits showrooms next year?

  • coreyvwc

    There is hope, it’s supposed to be some kind of “new technology” parallel twin. It might end up being something cool, who knows…

  • Eagerly awaiting the 790 Adventure.

    This could mark the dawn of a new era in the Adventure segment altogether!

    Yes, the parallel twin is supposed to be on a new design.

  • Brad Horn

    http://www.kit690.com This is what KTM should be building. They already have all the parts in stock to build it. It’s literally bolting together what they already have, and then they have a sub-400 lbs. adventure bike.

  • Gary

    Good call. Naturally it would displace something like 796cc, but they’d call it the 790.

  • LeDelmo

    Anyone know what kind of Timing this twin will be using? I live in the USA and I have been dying for a Husqvarna Nuda 900R replacement. “Actually we never even got a chance to get this bike here”

    Parallel twins are tricky. They are ether just plain old boring. Or extremely fugly…

    The Nuda was a unique bike with probably the best modern parallel engine I have ever seen. Made a darn near perfect power band. A sound that would make even V-Twins envious, was as reliable as any Japanese bike. All the while having a fuel economy most bikers may only dream of.

    If KTM is trying to repeat this. I am all for it. But, if this is just going to be like every other manufacturers economical based parallel twin. Than I am not interested…

  • Scenic Highways

    …and Martians will soon send us motorcycles that fly.

  • David

    I hope.

    It’d probably be too much to ask one in SMC trim.

  • MikeD

    Anyone know what kind of Timing this twin will be using?

    If by timing you mean crank configuration i would bet $20 on it being 270* like the one used on the SuperTenere to emulate a 90* V-Twin’s sound and power delivery.

  • LeDelmo

    Thanks, That’s too bad though. I was hoping they would do a 315* Timing like the Nuda had.

    Really wish that bike made it too the states…

  • Mitch Berger

    The new 800 KTM could come standard with a Rekluse clutch. Bike would be 60 pounds lighter than the AT.

  • appliance5000

    The 1050 is a heavier re-sleeved 1190 for euro markets. An 800 p-twin at around 400lbs is a whole other animal.