The Unofficial KTM 690 Supermono

05/11/2010 @ 12:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

OmniMoto has a great piece on some KTM R&D engineers who built the fabled KTM Supermono during their off-work time. The project, which wass not supported by KTM, centers around a KTM 690 Duke motor and modified Duke/RC8 chassis. With about 80hp coming from the single-cylinder motor and its cloth-on-carburetor airbox, this RC4 wannabe looks very appealing on paper with its 140kg (308lbs) weight.

The entire front section of the motorcycle is off a KTM RC8, sans one brake disc for added weight loss. The Austrian-loyal have been clamoring for some time now for a KTM Supermono, and if it looks and sounds as good as this, we’d like one in our garage as well. Check out OmniMoto’s post for a bevy of photos, and bring Google along if you don’t parlo italiano.

Source: OmniMoto

  • monkeyfumi

    KTM have offically built two supermono prototypes. They used 250 and 450 engines and were housed respectively in KTMs 125 and 250 gp chassis.
    They point to what is more likely to reach production than this.

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  • 1 brake disc on a 690?
    After being used to twin discs on a 600, even a single disced 250 scares me. I can’t imagine how a 690 would feel. Surely there’re better areas to remove weight off than the brakes.

  • Lawrence

    The perfect track day bike for enthusiasts that don’t want (or need) 160hp Superbikes to have a good time.

    I want one badly .. as do several of my friends. There is much excitement about this bike to say the least.

    Perhaps the time is finally right for the sporting single to make a come back? I hope so … my 1986 SRX600 is getting a little long in the tooth.

    KTM … please build this bike!

  • Voodoovaj

    I concur! Supersports are desirable because they look fast. A fast looking supermono would be popular. A big single in supersport clothing is just what the doctor ordered and I’d LOVE to have one.

  • i will always hate the one brake thing, especially when the fork has the mounts for it, just sitting there, looking all lonely, broken, and unfinished with out the matching caliper and rotor. poor, poor brake caliper and rotor mounts, sent to the corner to sit in time out… sorry, i think i inadvertently smoked some of the crack.

    i love the concept though!

  • unclewill

    Isn’t the 690 Duke more or less the same idea?