More High-Res Photos of the KTM 390 Duke

11/16/2012 @ 9:33 pm, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

Are you ready for KTM’s little thumper to come to US soil? Likely our runner-up  for Best in Show at EICMA 2012, the Austrians have been teasing the idea of the KTM 390 Duke for far too long. Expected to be here in Spring 2013, the bigger baby Duke sports ABS and 43hp for its 300 lbs hulk (sans gas).

A strong contender in the brewing small-displacement wars, American buyers will have the pleasure of choosing between the Honda CBR250R, KTM 390 Duke, Kawasaki Ninja 300, and Suzuki GW250 next year, with Yamaha expected to enter the quarter-liter market in 2014. Does the 2013 KTM 390 Duke tickle your fancy? We’ve got 13 high-res photos for you after the jump.

Photos: © 2012  Schedl, R. / KTM – All Rights Reserved

  • 76

    Doing alittle hangin out in LA I see..

  • ML

    I don’t think that’s LA (or even in the states).

    This bike looks like its just a tiny bundle of pure fun. Tempting….

  • BBQdog

    Can’t wait ….

  • Halfie 30

    Might have to get one and throw a pair of clip ons or lower bars on it. The stock bars just come back too far. Other than that… I’m all in!

  • Sean in Oz

    Hope this comes to Oz … at a reasonable price.

  • MikeD

    Pretty little thing…hope it’ll make it over to the U.S.A.
    And unlike the new Hondas 500 it doesn’t exude that “Made of Swiss Cheese” aura.
    Hopefully it’ll cost less than the Hondas ? Fingers crossed.

  • JoeD

    Proof that the Asian Design Mindtrust is like Haiku being a form of poetry. Sure, it fits the category but does it make sense to the Occidental Mind? Just repeat KTM(Auntie M) KTM(Auntie M), threre’s no place like home and Oz will be visited, surely.

  • cds

    Here, just get it over with and take my money..

  • This is Barcelona, as always. 95%of the Ktm photoshhotings are in Barcelona city and the roads near to it.

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  • Tim

    Hello Jensen,

    Has KTM actually confirmed that the 390 Duke is going to be for sale here in America? I guess Honda didn’t reveil their much talked about RCV 1000 at the EICMA SHOW?

  • Paul McM

    Me Gusta! Love everything ‘cept the stripey graphics. Been hoping a factory would produce something like a “street tracker” minimalist bike for some time — but with modern brakes, suspension, and FI. Thanks KTM! Now if they made this in a 600cc, you might convince me to part with my DR650 (that spends most of its time on the street). Note to Kawazuki stylists — you CAN make a bike look modern without making it look like a transformer or insectizoid!

  • meatspin

    thats a $3500 bike I hope

  • Rocket Punch


  • L2C

    Yes. I want this bike. When does it arrive and how much will it be?

  • Aaron

    I was dead set on getting a DRZ400SM but now I’m wavering. This looks like blast, can be found new (assuming it comes to the US and I’ll believe when I see), and for similar money (hopefully) to the used prices on the DRZSM (seriously, WTF).

    I need an autoclutch, though, and it looks like the engine in the Duke 390 is lifted out of a dirtbike. Do you think I could drop a Rekluse in this like bike?

  • motogpdr

    why abs?…more weight and more costs…with this little hooligan i want to slide it!

  • It’s Bosch’s dual-channel ABS. You can lock up the rear, and pulse the front, if you so desire.

  • Very nice, I’d like to have one of these as a farm bike. My only issue is with that ridiculous rear fender piece, I think I would’ve much preferred to have a longer tail and a bigger passenger seat than that absurd thing. The aftermarket guys are already making something to replace that right now, and the way it’s attached looks like it’ll be a pain to design.

  • UP

    This might well be my next bike.

  • I’m pretty sure the bike for sale will have the Orange rims as on the bikes at EICMA. Looks quite a lot better. Like this:

  • salman mahetar

    Duke 250 is also coming soon… Wait and watch…