Greeting American KTM dealers this past week, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Patriot Edition is a Stars & Stripes hat-tip to the soon-to-be-released KTM 1290 Super Duke R. Expected to be in dealerships by December of this year, “The Beast” will make its official public debut at the 2013 EICMA show.

However, we might get a glimpse of the bike before then, as KTM will be hosting moto-journalists this autumn for a road and track test, but until then, these are the best photos of the machine to-date.

Looking past the paint, which is a bit too ‘merican for our eyes, the lines to the new Super Duke R seem to be taking shape, as the exhaust here matches what we have seen in spy photos. What is most interesting is the headlight, which you will either love or hate, but we hope it’ll make it to final production (the one on the test mule is so ‘meh’).






Source: derestricted; Photos: © 2013 Piers SP / derestricted – All Rights Reserved

  • mxs

    Pls give me the orange white and black theme any day …

  • JoeD

    I just added a Guzzi Cafe Sport to the shed and now this. I ‘ll take the orange flavor, please.

  • PC-V

    Looks great, but we all know that the street model looks like shit compared to this concept.

  • This is the production model quoted from Chris Fillmore at least who is a KTM AMA rider…..

    I think the orange bike is a like an “R” or track version.. different seat and exhaust, not much else as far as styling?

    Good on you KTM for listening to all the positive feedback and keeping very true to the concept.

    The worst part about the bike will be the wind blast at 160mph… like all these 160hp nakeds.. but hey, who says that is a “problem?”

  • All I know is, it better have rear ride height adjustment… the SDR did not and it always pissed me off that I couldn’t adjust it..

  • RGR

    Looks fantastic and I’d proudly ride the Patriot edition if it wasn’t a one off. I’m not ashamed of our colors in the least. And I do like the headlight. Either color combo would look great next to my RC8R :-)

    Whoever is in charge of such decisions, please keep the cool wheels for production models. It won’t look as good without them. They changed the RC8R’s wheels to black this year and it made me SO happy I own a 2011…

  • Jay

    I’m thinking SOLID matte black ;-) but love the lines! I wasn’t thrilled about the exhaust when I first saw the spy photos but it’s kind of growing on me and the front just looks hot.

  • Doctor Jelly

    I’ve never liked the ‘bug head’ headlights just hanging off like that…