Latest KTM 125 Duke Video Goes to the Well

09/28/2010 @ 11:04 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Marketing in the motorcycle industry is usually derivative at best, and nothing exemplifies that sentiment more than the tried and true rebel typecast that we see slung-around in advertisements on television, print, and the web. So it should perhaps not surprise us to see KTM going back to this marketing well when promoting the KTM 125 Duke.

Phat beat DJ’s, wheelies down the roadway, late night hooning on dark city streets, these are all the elements needed to make 13 year-old boys who haven’t reached puberty feel like total bad asses…and maybe KTM can sell some bikes with it along the way too. Check the video after the jump. and

Remember that KTM’s stated goal with the KTM 125 Duke was to engage young riders with the brand’s “Ready to Race” lifestyle. We were initially really excited by the prospect of KTM reaching out to young teens with this concept, as it meant creating a life-long bridge with consumers and the KTM brand (OK, we also just thought that riding the 125 Duke would be blast around town). However as KTM continues to promote and hype the new Duke, it feels like every other motorcycle ad that’s come before it, following the leader.

Source: KTM (YouTube)

  • I think you’re being a bit harsh on KTM. Is the ad lame? Yes. Is the bike still a cool-as-hell bike for a 16 year old? Yes.

  • This video is so piss poor. The soundtrack is lethargic and boring. The edit is dull and lacks any energy. The shots are uninteresting and lack any kind of beauty or inspiration to go out and buy a KTM. Are they trying to sell bikes here? No one with any marketing or storytelling ability was involved with this project. Which is sad because the subject matter is wicked cool. I’m not a 13 year old, add 30 to that number, but this would make a great fun track bike for Adams Go Kart circuit in Riverside

  • emd

    Huh? was it an awesome video no, was it better than most from M/C companies, hell yeah it was by far… So I would wait for the big guns from KTM and the marketing of this thing closer to launch

  • aptimus prime

    KTM have almost got it right. Motorcycling is nothing more than an interpretation of a feeling you get when you ride. It’s almost entirely marketing so branching out is critical.

    As far as an attempt to capture mindless youngins, it’s okay, but it falls short imo. The demographic they are targeting have seen hardcore pornography, they spend half the day sexting if possible, and if they are fans of dubstep, they spend hours on youtube talking about filthy drops and Justin Bieber’s lack of scrotum. If KTM are trying to play to the lowest common denominator, they are going to have to crank up the intensity about 10x. They need at least a half dozen scantily-clad, flirtatious college girls who pretend to have a fetish for younger men, and a handful of older guys with trunks popped, throwin’ up signs b/c these kids are cool. Also would have been nice if an older guy on a RC8 with street cred giving a left hand low to these hapless teens who desperately need approval.

    Teens are trying to buy cred, but this ad says “I’m an artsy loner with a penchant for ethereal urbanism”. Almost no adventure or experience. No fame. No chicks. No street cred. Slightly awkward teenagers lost in the city. Why would kids want to leave their computer for a 125 Duke? What are they going to see on their ride? Traffic?

    This is what happens when middle aged men do all the product development and run the advertising campaigns.

    The motocross helmet with goggles was a nice touch though. That works for teens.

  • wayne

    I agree with Adam..
    -Music stinks, (IDK whats up with who seeing Facebook at the begining is critical to KTM. Is it a music video for the DJ, or a ad for KTM.
    -Nothing to pull you into the video or the ad itself.
    -The bike is awesome to look at, just wish there were more to show.

  • doug

    The video is lackluster at best and I didn’t get any feeling of “I want that bike!” because of it. I do want the bike and I’m 41 years young so they can market it to whom they choose. I agree with Adam, it will make a great track bike, commuter or grocery getter. I’d buy one tomorrow if they would bring it stateside. As usual, we are getting the short end of the stick! :(

  • Terrible advert. Im now going surfing on the net to see if I can REALLY see what the bike is like.

  • Rico

    Why is this bike not coming stateside?

  • pete

    Its a bike for teenagers. The parents of teenagers who listened to the sex pistols thought the sex pistols sucked and didnt get them either. The same principle universally applies to pretty much everything teenagers are into. All these 40 year olds commenting about how bad the video is actually reinforce how good it is for this target market. The video was launched on facebook, hence the facebook into. Wake up old men!

  • MikeD

    Thats one cool looking beater bike, i would buy one if KTM won’t ask for my left one as payment and if they bring it to the USA.