Latest KTM 125 Duke Video Goes to the Well

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Marketing in the motorcycle industry is usually derivative at best, and nothing exemplifies that sentiment more than the tried and true rebel typecast that we see slung-around in advertisements on television, print, and the web. So it should perhaps not surprise us to see KTM going back to this marketing well when promoting the KTM 125 Duke.

Phat beat DJ’s, wheelies down the roadway, late night hooning on dark city streets, these are all the elements needed to make 13 year-old boys who haven’t reached puberty feel like total bad asses…and maybe KTM can sell some bikes with it along the way too. Check the video after the jump. and

Remember that with the brand’s “Ready to Race” lifestyle. We were initially really excited by the prospect of KTM reaching out to young teens with this concept, as it meant creating a life-long bridge with consumers and the KTM brand (OK, we also just thought that riding the 125 Duke would be blast around town). However as KTM continues to promote and hype the new Duke, it feels like every other motorcycle ad that’s come before it, following the leader.

Source: KTM (YouTube)