Kickboxer Concept Gets Diesel and AWD Variants

02/22/2011 @ 6:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Back in 2009 we fell in love with the Kickboxer concept by Ian McElroy, who taught himself some SolidWorks and dreamt of a motorcycle powered by a turbocharged Subaru WRX engine. Well McElroy is back with two variations on his original Kickboxer design: one with a diesel motor (also sourced from Subaru), along with an all-wheel drive model.

To make the AWD configuration work, McElroy employed a dual-chain drive design that uses a jack shaft, idler sprocket, and a drive axle with a U-joint. While the original Kickboxer was designed in the 3D modeling software to be precise enough to produce, we’re not sure about all of the engineering behind McElroy’s AWD design (that’s a polite way of saying this author was a social science major in college), but the idea is certainly intriguing.

The diesel Kickboxer though, it’s so crazy it just might work…we’ll just have to wait for someone to build one. Renders galore after the jump.

Original Kickboxer Concept:

Kickboxer Diesel Concept:

Kickboxer Diesel AWD Concept:

Source: The Kneeslider; Photos: Flickr

  • JR

    Terminator bike! It’s great.

  • Mark

    I think the most valuable aspect of this design is the front chain drive mechanism on the 2WD version, not because it can drive the front wheel, but rather how it can be used to steer the rear wheel and still use a conventional chain/sprocket drive.
    I believe there is a huge advantage to steering both wheels, which no one has taken a serious look at. 2WS would revolutionize motorcycle dynamics.

  • I am completely blown away by this thing. I just happened to click on a random link from twitter and can’t believe this is what I found.

    Power to both wheels on a motorbike.

    Revolutionary drive pattern and a Subaru engine… I really like where this is headed.

  • MikeD

    COOL STUFF! even if is all VAPOR WARE.

  • Brian

    Looks pretty but there are tons of holes in the designs. This is why concept bikes can look so cool, cause they don’t have to function. You even say “designed in the 3D modeling software to be precise enough to produce”. SolidWorks will allow you to design any parts your brain can create, but that doesn’t mean the sum of those parts will actually function together.

    I applaud Mr. McElroy for the originality of the design and the effort that went into the drawing, they are beautifully done. Keep at it, never know when/where the next great idea will surface.

  • Johndo

    Some people are really getting creative. Interesting to say the least.

  • BikePilot

    Neat work. It needs a real tailsection and a more ridged swingarm design imho.

    FYI 2wd has been around for a long time, just not oft implemented. I doubt it’d be of any advantage on a street bike and its of arguable if any advantage on a dirt bike. I do think it would be of significant benefit on a very heavy adv bike and oddly this is the only application where it hasn’t yet appeared. If BMW is smart they’ll have a 2wd GS very soon – the tech is all there.

  • Johndo

    Only downside to this, is more moving parts, more chances of something breaking and more maintenance. Simple isnt always bad.

  • Brian, I wasn’t suggesting that because it was done in SolidWorks, the design was technically sound. Instead I was saying the the level of detail in the modeling was sufficiently detailed enough to build the bike.

  • alexontwowheels

    Looks incredible. Make it work and I’d buy one! To say the least, this guy should be designing bikes (aesthetics) for the major manufacturers!!!