Kawasaki Ninja H2 / H2R Pricing Revealed

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Even though the Kawasaki Ninja H2R debuted in October at the INTERMOT show, and the Kawasaki Ninja H2 debuted a few weeks ago at the EICMA show, Kawasaki was a bit slow to release the pricing and availability details of its two supercharged machines. Releasing now details for the US market, we can quote pricing for the H2 and H2R throughout the world.

In the United States, the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R will cost $25,000 and $50,000 respectively. Interested parties will have to special order the bikes, before December 19th, from their local Kawasaki dealership, and buyers should note that the H2R comes with certain restrictions.

For our British readers, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 is a bit cheaper than we expected, retailing for £22,000; while the Kawasaki Ninja H2R will cost £41,000 — still a premium over US pricing, after the currency exchange. Expect to see bikes in March 2015.

In the rest of Europe, prices vary slightly country-to-country, though would-be buyers can expect to put down €27,000 on an H2 (available in January 2015), and €50,000 on an H2R (available April 2015).

Source: Kawasaki