Is This How Much the Kawasaki Ninja H2R Will Cost? Nope.

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It has certainly been interesting to see the buzz around the Kawasaki Ninja H2 these past few weeks, especially as everyone tries to cash in on the supercharged hype-machine that Kawasaki has been running.

First we saw just create a story out of thin air, to help its owner VerticalScope promote a new web property. That was…uhh…the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen while in this industry, not to mention just sloppy journalism. Now lately we have seen a supposed dealer invoice for the track-only Kawasaki Ninja H2R, with a price tag just north of $60,000.

Many publications have latched onto that price point — which isn’t the craziest conclusion to come to, considering that the H2R is Kawasaki’s halo-bike project, and will likely cost a pretty penny — though with just a quick glance, we can see that the alleged paperwork has clearly been a work of Photoshop, and not inside information.

While someone has done a good job of mocking up an invoice for a “H2R 300hp” for the internet’s consumption, we are just not that sure that Kawasaki’s 90-day flooring program for May 2014 is going to cover the 2015 model year machine.

Kawasaki itself has denied the invoice, calling it a complete fabrication. With the AIMExpo this week though, hopefully we can begin pegging down Team Green with some pricing figures, along with some more information on both its street and track-only machines.