Listen to the Sound of the New Supercharged Kawasaki H2

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Continuing to build the buzz around its newest sport bike, Kawasaki has sent us a sound clip of the new H2 motorcycle, which the company will debut at the upcoming INTERMOT show.

Team Green has been pretty tight-lipped about the Kawasaki H2, though there have been plenty of clues sprinkled around for us to suss out that it will be a sport bike with a supercharged inline-four engine.

Listening to the provided sound clip seems to confirm our notion that Kawasaki’s new supercharger system is at work.

First you hear the telltale sound of a high-revving inline-four building up rpms. As the bike goes through the gearbox, you can also hear a mysterious chirping noise. The sound dispels the notion that the H2 will be turbocharged, as the there is not audible indication of a blowoff valve between shifts.

What that chirp is, Kawasaki is leaving us to speculate. To our ears, it sounds like the bike is breaking traction on a dynamometer — a sign that the Kawasaki H2 could be a torque monster. Is there the whine of a supercharger mixed in there as well? That’s for your ears to decide.

Kawasaki says that the H2 will be the company’s flagship machine. Like the H2 of the past, we’re expecting a displacement around 750cc, which could mean that Kawasaki has based its supercharged engine design off the ZX-6R, as was the case when the company teased the engine last year (show above), or off the Ninja ZX-10R.

As usual, we will have to wait and see. Kawasaki has another video lined up for Friday though, which could help inject some facts into our educated conjecture.