Continuing to build the buzz around its newest sport bike, Kawasaki has sent us a sound clip of the new H2 motorcycle, which the company will debut at the upcoming INTERMOT show.

Team Green has been pretty tight-lipped about the Kawasaki H2, though there have been plenty of clues sprinkled around for us to suss out that it will be a sport bike with a supercharged inline-four engine.

Listening to the provided sound clip seems to confirm our notion that Kawasaki’s new supercharger system is at work.

First you hear the telltale sound of a high-revving inline-four building up rpms. As the bike goes through the gearbox, you can also hear a mysterious chirping noise. The sound dispels the notion that the H2 will be turbocharged, as the there is not audible indication of a blowoff valve between shifts.

What that chirp is, Kawasaki is leaving us to speculate. To our ears, it sounds like the bike is breaking traction on a dynamometer — a sign that the Kawasaki H2 could be a torque monster. Is there the whine of a supercharger mixed in there as well? That’s for your ears to decide.

Kawasaki says that the H2 will be the company’s flagship machine. Like the H2 of the past, we’re expecting a displacement around 750cc, which could mean that Kawasaki has based its supercharged engine design off the ZX-6R, as was the case when the company teased the engine last year (show above), or off the Ninja ZX-10R.

As usual, we will have to wait and see. Kawasaki has another video lined up for Friday though, which could help inject some facts into our educated conjecture.

  • alan partridge

    my Ducati makes that chirp sound when the belts get worn.

    (but then it usually stops at that point)

  • KSW

    Having just returned from an Isle of Man TT mechanics shop to work on my FZ8 ECU and alter it’s stock brain I here what we saw on my FZ8 chart. Way too much air to fuel in 1st gear in order to make it pass emissions tests in the shallow band it has to pass. Then they get to second gear and on comes the power, torque and Chirping on the way up and back down. Must have used the hardest compound tire they could find. Either that or they hired Grand Master Theodore for some over dub. : )

  • RL

    Truly a wonderful noise. Now let’s hope the styling is just as pleasing.

  • Strider

    That chirping sounds like the boost diverter valve. When you close the throttle the rather then having the boost pressure go against the compressor and the close throttle there is a valve that opens. This valve diverts the charge around behind the compressor. They are known to whistle. Turbo cars have them as well.

  • JoeD


  • austin

    definitely a diverter valve/blow-off valve. These are used on both supercharged AND turbo charged systems. It has a higher pitched sound than in most car applications presumably because it’s a small-diameter valve in configuration with a lower capacity supercharger or appropriately small turbo unit than what’s used in a car.

  • MikeD

    It doesn’t sound as high revving as a N/A 600.

    I GOT 100 INTERNET $ on it being a MUNDANE GARDEN VARIETY FLAT CRANK I4 . . . any takers ? ! LOL.

    Good Bye Shattered Dreams of another engine configuration ! (-_-)’

  • Ian John

    It must be just me.
    My eargasm drums interpreted it as a Triple.

    Charger or Turbo i coulnt make out properly, but i heard the “ACHOO” blow off valve.
    Hard tyre slip on a dyno wheel, a bit harsh to say, and i want to hold onto the fantasy of something exciting.

    Some impressive sound equipment too. Not like the Utube idiots who post vids of their bike redlining, listen to my exhaust, distorted ear banging crap.

    The teaser site says that the third video will be available on the 5th Sept.

  • Mr. Nick

    The chirp reminds me of the sound F1 cars makes during upshifts. Neato.

  • Strider

    I kinda feel like we may be jumping to conclusions that this engine is actually being run in a bike at all. It could easily be on an engine dyno.

    With a supercharger attached to the engine who cares if its some kind of weird configuration? Its going to RIP and sound crazy especially if the supercharger is allowed to whine. Infact a supercharged anything is a different configuration than anything else in production now. No one has forced induction from the factory.

  • KSW


    The bike exists and is ridable. Yes to the valve noise and remember those valves are actually tunable so you could make them sound as low or high pitched as you like. I still think what we’re hearing at the beginning is high air to fuel ratios that exist at to high a throttle position in the map to meet emissions standards and the supercharger is used to create the power that would otherwise not exist as traditional engines are forced to meet new standards. All to be revealed shortly as we’ve but a couple weeks until the world is in Italy.

  • paulus

    Either it is going to be the most awesome, brave step in the first of the über-sports class
    a 250cc, eco-friendly, transformer commuter platform

    I will continue to hibernate until Intermot wakes me… LOL

  • Michael

    Wow….NOT. Another boring 4 cylinder engine stolen from another Kawasaki bike with a gimmick attached to it in a supercharger, then stolen marketing ploy by using a classic H2 triple name. How lame is that? Do any of you fan boys who’ve posted above in awe know anything about the history of the original Kawai H2?This lame four stroke, four cylinder engine has nothing in common with that lineage!

  • Jaybond

    Expect this new supercharged Kawasaki sportbike positioned just above the ZX-6R…it’ll be a Ducati 899 Panigale & MV Agusta F3R challenger…

  • alex

    The rumor is 200hp from this but seriously I care not.

    Add some direct injection lightweight dct to a gixxer motor and I’ll buy it

  • jeram

    its a zx14 with forced induction.

    unless kawasaki lowered the noise pitch, this motor does not rev high enough to be anything else

  • Damn

    great kawasaki is working on new things new bikes etc. and not like Honda the giant only telling we develop things in motogp for streetbikes and then see nothing from it.
    Yamaha also on the good way. with exiting bikes.
    Honda and suz seems by far the most boring factorys in the world.
    i dont care if its another 4l. you could say the same thing about ducati…ohno not another 2 cilinder.

    and if its the new engine for kawas flag ships it must be the new zzr less cubic more power!
    great to see kawasaki building great things

  • Tifo

    You are all way off the mark. Please notice that the “chirping” does not occur in low gears. This suggests that it is speed related. Simply put, Kawasaki have made some sort of crazy monster shit your pants bike and what you are hearing is the rider’s squeaky bum as he tries desparately to keep last nights dinner from exiting through the fear hatch. Simple.

  • The Other Bob

    “jeram says: its a zx14 with forced induction.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re right. Isn’t this setup already in one of their PWCs? Tried and tested on the water the past few years or so?

  • crshnbrn


    Hopefully the new H2 will not have handling characteristics in common with the original H2 “widow maker” either.

  • coreyvwc

    Call me crazy, but that kawi 4 cylinder 250CC engine you posted about a few months back would be pretty amazing with a supercharger bolted onto the back! Super charger low end grunt matched with the screaming hi rev Hp that a 250-il4 would bring. Game changer.

  • Golgo 13

    If they are using a rotrex style charger, the chirp may actually be a BOV.

  • mrobvious

    Um, look at the picture? See the thing that looks kinda like a snail?

  • I try not to get sucked into marketing like this but I just can’t help myself! Kawi has been putting together some wonderful machines lately. I’m hooked!!