Frak Me: Starbuck’s Classified Moto KT600 Custom

08/27/2012 @ 2:45 pm, by Jensen Beeler38 COMMENTS

Asphalt & Rubber may be known for the over-enjoyment of a certain sci-fi dynasty that started in 1977, but we are group of equal opportunity geeks/nerds/virgins here, and have just as much room in our hearts for the toaster-fraking good times that were provided by the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series.

While we stayed up late at night, wondering if Kara “Starbuck” Thrace was in fact a Cylon, it turns out that Katee Sackhoff, who played the rebellious Viper pilot on the hit show, was instead probably dreaming of her next two-wheeled toy: Classified Moto’s KT600.

Using a Honda XL600R for its base, Classified Moto has incorporated a single-sided swingarm from a Triumph Sprint into the design, as well as some wheels from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. Sackhoff apparently gave the Virginia-based shop full-reign over the design, and we have to say the boys from Richmond did right by her.

We’re not sure how closely Katee’s persona matches the role she is most famous for playing, but her KT600 (or is it Katee 600?) certainly seems to be the kind of motorcycle we would expect to see Starbuck romping around on while she finds the Arrow of Apollo (does our geekiness hurt yet?). Enjoy the photos below. We know we did.

Source: Classified Moto via AutoBlog

  • The bike geek in me just blew my load. As did the sci-fi/comic book geek in me…

    Win/win scenario then!

  • Kyle

    me gusta

  • jackie

    She has good taste. That’s great looking thumper.

  • She can be my wingman anytime. Or vice versa. That’d be OK too. :)

  • Westward

    I thought she was use to riding Cylons, now it looks like she is riding Bender…

  • Greg

    That is really cool. Bonus points that she’s still got it with the old-school kick starter and no electric-start conversion.

    Well done, Classified Moto.

  • Bellini

    Gorgeous – in every way.

    The bike is aright too…

  • Mickey

    It’s funny how big 17″ wheels look on a minimalist bike.
    That Kawsaki front end is an interesting choice. I would have liked the overall look better with some black or gray fork tubes. I wonder if that was a design choice or a “we had it laying around” choice.

  • really dont give a rats ass if the fork tubes were shit color blue they both look awesome I’ll take em both!! Lol

  • old yeller

    ok, who is guilty of the ham fisting the post crop vignetting? it is so over done it is hard to even look at the cover photo. the last photo shows more restraint and a better eye.

  • MikeD


    P.S: Bike is alrigth too.

  • I wish we would hear some feedback on how such bikes actually perform. Given the sheer number of custom motorcycles and ‘Café racers’ being produced it seems odd that we never seemed here about how they ride, or ever see anyone actually riding them. Personally I’ve never heard one word about how a bike like this actually rides.

    Are these really motorcycles, for RIDING, or are they just works of art, to be parked in people’s living rooms as topics of conversation, expensive coffee tables, or perhaps the current substitute for the coffee table book in today’s culture.

    I don’t know anything about Ms. Sackhoff’s riding experience or background, other than that she rides a Harley, and I saw a video of her getting off a BMW, so I don’t know if she’s capable of evaluating a real motorcycle’s performance, given the kind of riding experience the average Harley offers. But I posed the question to Katee on twitter, and I’ll pose it again here, how does this bike ride?

  • Paul McM

    Love it. So simple and “open” it makes a Hypermotard look like a full-dresser by comparison. I wish Honda and BMW would take a good look at customs like this to understand the appeal of bikes stripped down to the basics.

    That said, I’m way, way tired of the cafe-racer clip-on handlebars that force you to lay down on the tank. This bike, with its fat front tire, would handle much better with higher, wider bars. I also bet one front disc would be more than enough.

    I also question whether this bike will every be ridden much. No plate holder and no turn signals means this thing ain’t street legal in most jurisdictions. I’ve pretty much written off any “street bike” without signals as a mere design exercise. Still, I think the builder has done some nice things with the bike. The twin front lamps work from a looks standpoing — take note Triumph. You ruined the Speed Triple with the last set of headlights!

  • Spektre76

    I never wished so badly to be a bike seat. I LOVE YOU KATIE!

  • MikeD

    @Paul McM:

    +100000000 on the stupid clip ons on this kind-o-bike. For me there’s no such a thing as too much brakes on a bike, im super cool with the double disc setup.

    Im also sick and tired of every Joe-Jane Schmoe that sees him/herself with an arc welder and a grinder thinks they can build a contraption=cafe racer on their spare time and backyard out of any P.O.S bike the can rape.
    Gotta love hipsters/builders…they r so full of ISH.

  • MikeD



  • Crashmanjay

    MikeD, you just summed up why I canceled my subscription to Hell For Leather last year. ‘Hipster doofus’ is an understatement for what those guys turned into after going paid along with the whole wanna-be 70’s biker scene that guys like the ‘Born Free’ supposedly ‘live’. So you can grow a beard, wear metalflake helmets and are stupid enough to think rigid framed 74’s are awesome handling bikes. I also blame horrid shows like that Cafe Racer one. The host/magazine editor whatever he is guy with the lisp can barely even can ride and flat out said in an episode that he never had worked on a bike before. Like every other group of tools like Goth’s, skaters, HD Pirates, Canyon jockies…. if you look and act exactly like every other moron you hang out with than none of you are individuals, you’re just another pathetic sheep following the herd.
    More Sanctuary type bikes, less Icon owned Bike Exif crap please.

  • Paulo

    That bikes fit for a Sci-Fi show…….with her on the saddle. Merry me?!

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  • David

    I’m betting it takes an extremely skilled rider to coax performance out of either of those rides.

    And that rider is ME.

  • Damo

    As a whole I love a good cafe/minimalist custom bike and I think this is a good example.

    I agree clip-ons are overrated, but I would love to see more people use a generation one Speed Triple fork set up. The grips are high mount like full bars, BUT they mount to the top triple-clamp give a nice clean look, but you still get the comfort/control of a full bar setup.

    I am with the rest of you on the hipster bike movement. Some hipster choad in my neighborhood rides around on a chopped to crap Yamaha XS 650 that barely runs, complete with his metal flake helmet, denim jacket and diddler mustache. Wearing the hipster uniform for all to see.

    I want to ride by on my RC51 and clothesline him, Lex Luger style, every time I see him.

  • Westward

    Why hate on a fellow rider, especially in the US, when it would be better to have more…

    Besides, the world could use more cafe racers and naked rides in my book…

  • Crashmanjay

    Westward, I’m all for every American riding. The thing I’ve experienced with both the Hipsters and Born Free ‘bikers’ is they look down on ‘us’, the rest of the riding public. I hate to mention them again because they are such arrogant dicks, but the tools at Hell For Leather attack anyone that questions them about anything. They are such dolts that they did a review on a hunting knife they used while camping. Explaining that it is the best knife ever and was used to chop wood, etc. And when some guys that are also military veterans (and like me used a knife/bayonet as a tool daily) questioned their ‘expertise’ they attacked them personally. These are paying subscribers using the comments section available only to paying customers. Add in the attitude and fuck you-ness that dicks like JB Nesbitt (a contributor to the site) posted when guys expressed dislike towards him, his bike designs or his ball licking on Jay Leno and I wasn’t giving them cash ever again. Born Free is an admirable thing in that it is grass roots and free, but looking down on any bike that isn’t a Triumph, HD or ‘accepted’ Japanese bike (XS, kick start 3/4 cylinder ones) and it shows that it isn’t about bikes, it’s about fashion and the bikes are just part of the fashion statement.
    Again, everyone should ride. Shit, I did a paper in college about how traffic congestion would be reduced if more people rode daily.

  • Spamtasticus

    I think I just hear Walowitz have a nergasm.

  • MikeD

    Damo said:

    I want to ride by on my RC51 and clothesline him, Lex Luger style, every time I see him.


  • justadude

    When I hit this page my heart stopped… Wow, just wow… :-)

  • Westward

    @ justadude

    You weren’t just clotheslined Lex Luger style were you ?

    Not that I know what or who that is, I imagine some sort of local ruffian…

    @ Crashmanjay

    I don’t know about your neck of the woods, I have been to San Francisco for a bit of riding, and a bunch of local Ducatisti took me to a nice watering hole in the city where all manner of bikes were lined up and down the block on streets and sidewalks. There were cruisers, street bikes, mopeds, scooters, cafe racers, motards, Japanese, European, and American bikes alike. Everyone in the place seemed to having a great time drinking and carrying on.

    Don’t know if it was typical, but it was fun times had by all…

  • Damo


    I am with you 100% on that. It is highly ironic when a “dedicated riding movement” becomes about fashion. This does seem true in any semi counterculture movement though (see punk, heavy metal, hip hop, etc.) If you don’t have the same uniform or same tastes you get ostracized.


    Lex Luger! Come on I can’t be the only 80’s child that grew up on pro-wrestling. All kidding aside, I noticed the bay are bikers I encountered on my last trip to California were some of the friendliest most dedicated group of people I had spoken with in awhile. It isn’t like that up here in the frigid North East.

    We have basically four types of bikers up here: The born free/hipster type, the dedicated all weather types, 200 mile a year harley guys and squids. People on cruisers don’t even wave at you when you roll by on a sport bike of any kind and the hipster cafe kids rarely travel outside their groups or they just pose on their bikes at the local coffee shops. I tend to do massive amounts of solo riding because of this.

    It is bad enough that bikers are rare bread up here in general.

  • gownby
  • Faust

    Damo is not joking. In Texas the bike crowd is really friendly, but when I went up North to visit, I literally spent all day on Damo’s RC-51 waving to cruisers and getting stared at with utter contempt and disgust. It was absolutely bizarre. I can’t believe how absurd the riders are up there. I was shocked when he told me it’s always like that. If you aren’t “with them” then you are treated like you don’t exist. Sad.

  • Damo


    The unfortunate truth is that people in the Northeast just aren’t terribly friendly in general, but you already know that.

    Hence why everyone calls us “Massholes”.

  • justadude

    @ Westward
    I was clotheslined alright but it was by the incredible Ms. Sackhoff and her quite cool motorcycle. I’m still not breathing right… :-)

    @ Faust
    I live in the Northeast and every word you speak is true. The cruiser crowd up here treats all other motorcycles as non-entities. All they do is ride around in their little parades dressed like pirates and clog up the roads.

  • justadude

    @ Faust

    What do you “Massholes” call us in Connecticut? Connholes? :-) It’s funny how each state thinks that no one from any other state can drive… :-)

  • Crashmanjay

    Yup. I live in NY state and go to LA/SoCal a lot. “Bikers” here are douchebags. Here we have 2 kinds, legit 1% gangs that won’t even look at you unless you are patched and wannabe pirates on parade that suck up to the 1%’ers. Then there is the mostly minority ghetto extended swingarm crowd with chrome Nazi helmets and the suburban crotch rocket 18-30 year olds who wanna be ghetto swing arm idiots. We have a small hipster doofus scene too that follows the ‘if I cut the tail off and add clipons that makes it cool’ mantra. You guys should see prices here…… do a search of Craigslist in Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse and you’ll gag at what people ask for hunks of shit here.
    I ride almost exclusively solo because I don’t wanna bar hop, I wanna ride. I don’t wanna get ‘dressed up’ to be seen, I want to ride. I don’t want to race, I want to ride.
    And in LA? Well it is LA so image is everything, but when you are 25-30 and wear a swastika patch and FUCK YOU vest on your hard tail you had better thank God you are living now because when I moved out west in 1988 bikers were not too fond of posers and the cops were not too fond of bikers. Vans, beards, sleeping bags, the 70’s are suddenly cool. They sucked when I was alive during them, but whatever. Every group has has a bike club now from cops to accountants to congresmen and every club seems to need a vest or patch or whatever. Again, I just want to ride. I tell people I’m a motorcyclist and if you saw the variety of bikes in my garage you’d see why. Fuck I’d ride a Vespa if someone gave me one. Beats being in a car any day.

  • KeikeyaSpank

    To whomever was asking about Katee Sackhoff’s riding experience and whether or not the bike was for riding, the answer is YES. This is not a piece of art, she WILL be riding this bike. Ms. Sackhoff actually has a lot of riding experience. in 2010, she rode from Los Angeles to Louisiana to raise money for the Gulf oil spill. She has also gone on several rides for other charities and just for fun, of course. Most of her friends and family are bikers, too. Definitely not just a casual rider.

  • justadude

    @ Crashmanjay

    I think you may have hit upon it. “Bikers” (not counting the real 1%’ers, who truly don’t give a crap what anybody thinks) are just image whores that exist to be seen. “Motorcyclists” just want to ride. I only ride with one guy because he and I think alike and just want to ride. Instead of bars we stop at bike shops. :-) I don’t and won’t belong to any clubs because, to quote the great Groucho, “I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me for a member”.

  • paulus

    Exactly… the thrill of the ride. Hyper bike or scooter…. no difference.
    Performance this, bling-bling that…. get on whatever you have and ride it!

    Ride hard.

  • Gutterslob

    That’s just lovely.
    Very Deus in nature (the motor and frame), but with lotsa posh bits.