Kalex Engineering AV1

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It’s a rare day that we something that makes us verbally go “whoa!”, but today is that day, and apparently we weren’t alone. The Kalex Engineering AV1 is a German purpose-built track bike. Angular and boxy, the AV1 reminds us of the KTM RC8 and the Ilmor Engineering GP bike, except hotter (we didn’t know that was possible). Underneath the show and glow, is a bike with all the right numbers.

When Kalex sat down and decided how to power its creation, they considered all sorts of options: KTM & Ducati v-twins, Honda & Suzuki inline-fours. But ultimately, Kalex settled on the Aprilia RSV motor made by Rotax. Bored out to 1,100cc, the modified powerplant makes a whopping 161 horsepower and 93 lbs•ft of torque.

Kalex built a custom tublar-steel chassis around their motor, and attaches an aluminum box swingarm. With carbon fiber bodywork, the final package weighs in at 341lbs (155kg), making the AV1 easily surpass the coveted 1:1 (metric) power-to-weight ratio.

Each bike can be customized to order, with virtually any aftermarket performance part gracing the final production, i.e Brembo, WP suspension, Öhlins, Marchesini, and BST.

The AV1 will soon be joined by Kalex’s Moto2 contender in 2010, which will use the modified Honda CBR powerplant in a chassis of Kalex’s design.

If their $2,200+ carbon fiber rear stand is any indication, if you have to ask about the price of the AV1, you probably can’t afford it.

Source: Kalex Engineering via BikeEXIF