Italian Volt’s debut model, the Lacama, isn’t the most beautiful motorcycle that we have ever seen, but the Italian brand certainly has done a good job making a stylish machine for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Capable of hiding up to 15 kWh of batteries in its brick-like case, the Italian Volt Lacama does a good job of tackling one of the biggest design problems that motorcycle manufacturers face with electrics: styling the massive battery packs that these machines require.

Taking things a step further though, Italian Volt will offer the Lacama in several different form-factors, with owners able to choose from options that include café racer, scrambler, and roadster designs.

The Lacama’s 94hp / 152 lbs•ft motor should be enough to propel the bikes 540 lbs bulk to reasonable speeds, and before you snub your nose at those performance figures, consider what the usual tech-spec fare is for bikes in the post-authentic realm.

Don’t let the stylish lines fool you though, the Lacama packs some decent tech, including a full TFT dash, which includes GPS mapping and smartphone integration.

Each bike is bespoke to the owner’s wants and needs, though pricing should be around €35,000 with the shown Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

Italian Volt hopes to begin selling the Lacama throughout Europe and North America, though that statement seems to be mostly wishes and rainbows at this point in time. Still, we think they’ll see a good response to their debut machine, if they can truly bring it to market in production form.

Source: Italian Volt


    I like the clean, simple aesthetic. Bears a resemblance to the svart/vit-pilen(s) to my eye(s).

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    Sexy electricity.

  • Calisdad J Hobbes

    Brings new meaning to the phrase: I can’t come to work today. Doc says I need 6 hours on an IV. ;-) With all the free charging stations popping up one could really ‘justify’ such a purchase.

  • Jake F.

    I’m curious as to who exactly would snub their nose at 152 lbs/ft. of torque on a motorcycle.

  • Superlight

    The torque sounds good, but the 540 lb weight and high price say otherwise.

  • TB

    It’s nice but I still look forward to the day hub motors get good enough (performance and package wise) to really change the way bikes are designed…

  • Fidel Cash-Flow

    Not bad, tank and tail section have some quite beautiful elements. Now we just have to work on that name…

  • Tyler Hammond

    where do I sign…if its as much fun as a Zero…then great. Only thing stopping me from buying a Zero is they are pretty hard to look at

  • Tyler Hammond

    and thats 152 lbs/ft even at 0 mph. thats where the 500 plus weight doesnt matter much

  • zipp4

    Styling work isn’t terrible for a change. I like the concept of the headlight, but the side view looks like a chunky ol’ extrusion.

  • Yerroon

    The welds on the frame though…

  • Love it. Can’t wait until the bikes like this are priced for mortals.