Igor Chack’s 2012 Izh-1 Hybrid Motorcycle Concept

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Igor Chack may only be 26 years old, but this designer’s eyes have a taste for something old with a modern twist. Taking his inspiration from the 1929 Soviet Izh–1, Chack sees this iconic motorcycle coming to life nearly 80 years later with a hybrid powertrain and a bevy of features not only unthinkable in 1929, but not seen on today’s motorcycles as well.

Chack’s design centers around a 850cc hybrid motor that makes 140hp when running off of fossil fuel. 50% of the motor is made from heat resistant reinforced plastic, which helps reduce weight and enclose the integrated electric circuits. On the electric side of the powertrain there is a 60kW brush-less motor that’s built into the rear rim, along with its own two-speed gearbox. Chack estimates the combo could achieve 80mpg with the bike’s on-board fuel management system deciding which drive to use.

Bringing forth some new safety and technical features, Chack sees the Izh-1 using magnetic brakes with conventional back-ups. Also there is an air bag system located on the front of the bike to lessen frontal impacts to the rider. What is sure to be a motorcycling first, the Izh-1 concept imagines an augmented reality display: an HD system that combines night vision, GPS, and other information to the rider on a display system. With all these electronics on-board, things like traction control, ABS, and smart phone linkage are also included.

We think there’s lot’s to love and hate about this design. Many of Chack’s design elements look great, we especially love the front-end of the motorcycle. But elemetns like the Honda CB1000R exhaust, and awkwardly place rear shock sort detract from the other highlights (granted the shock placement is a part of the original Izh-1 design). Chack definitely has some innovative ideas from a technical perspective that we would like to see modern bikes contrain. Renders and video below.