Husqvarna TR 650 Strada – Now Officially Official

07/11/2012 @ 8:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

It has been eight months since Husqvarna took the wraps off its second road-going model, but the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada is now officially official ahead of fall’s motorcycle bike shows. A big displacement thumper to compliment the only moderately civil Husqvarna Nuda 900, the Strada is an interesting model to go alongside its parallel-twin street counterpart.

Featuring a 652cc water-cooled single-cylinder DOHC motor, the Husqvarna Strada puts out 58hp and 44.25 lbs•ft of torque (Husqvarna offers a de-tuned version of the Strada with 48hp for countries with graduated license schemes). At 375 lbs dry (414 lbs wet), the Strada has a strong power-to-weight ratio for its class, and is the on-road variant in Husqvarna’s dual-pronged single-cylinder motorcycle attack plan.

Based off the BMW G650GS, the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada features a modified EFI system, altered camshaft, larger valves, and an increased compression ratio over its Bavarian counterpart. Built with a tubular-steel frame, 46mm USD forks from Sachs, and a Sachs shock with adjustable pre-load and rebound (BMW’s press release gives conflicting information on the rear shock’s adjustment), the Husqvarna Strada also comes standard with a disengageable anti-locking brakes system (ABS) for its 300mm single-disc Brembo setup.

Long-travel enthusiasts will be disappointed with the bike’s 3.08 gallon fuel tank, while performance freaks will find the rudimentary suspension package a bit underwhelming as well. Husqvarna is clearly not straying far from the path BMW has undertaken, and like the Nuda 900 & Nuda 900 R, the Scandinavian brand seems content to just build upon the models already in BMW’s stable.

In a BMW context, the Strada probably makes sense, as the German company has other models that fill in the other motorcycling segments. However, with Husky’s two-model road line-up, the Strada seems to struggle to really separate itself from the Nuda. There’s no word yet on pricing from Husqvarna, though we hope the company will keep the price in-line with these obvious drawbacks to the machine.

The question has to be asked whether Husqvarna needs a model like the Strada in its line-up, when its only other on-road offering is the Nuda 900, but one thing that is for certain is that with the company’s current sales figures, new models in any segment can only help turn the brand around, as the company is executing a fairly obvious business plan to make more financial sense for the BMW Group.

Source: BMW Group

  • MikeD

    Not half bad. Good transportation with decent HP and so-so mass/bulk.
    Switch-able standard ABS on the Strada version ? ! BMW corporate arm on full swing…lol.
    Why bother with a silly 19″ front wheel on the “asphalt” version ? A 17″ gives a better array of tire choices.
    There’s the dual-sport version with spoked wheels (19″ front), so, what’s the point ?

  • Lowell Goss

    Wow this bike is ugly. The concept was quite compelling, but something has been lost bring the bike to production.

  • Jason

    Over 400lbs for a single cylinder motorcycle?! This thing has no reason to be as heavy as a liter bike, unless they’re trying lead out for the frame and engine cases

  • Jason

    Even then, I cannot wrap my head around it. How could it possibly be so heavy?

  • Jonathan


    The looks remind me of all the no-name far eastern nails that seem to be popping up everywhere. This is compounded by the fact that BMW won’t entertain the idea of sticking the Husky gunsight logo on any of their bikes – the 449 / 511 and Nuda suffer from the same enforced anonymity. Congratulations Munich, you’ve beaten every last atom of Italian design flair out of the guys at Varese.

    Yeah, it’s way too porky, which means that the “off road” version (the Terra) will be little more than a tarmac bound styling exercise (with an equally small fuel tank, no doubt).

    Colour me underwhelmed.

  • Damo


    I am with you on that. The KTM 690 Duke only weighs 366lbs wet, sports 67 horse power AND has a 3.5 gallon tank. (I bet you a doughnut the KTM will be cheaper too)

    Got to wonder what market segment Husqvarna is going after with this bike. I do really like the looks of it and I am a big single fanatic. Still wish the 690 Duke would come state side.

  • BBQdog


    Agree. Were my first thoughs too. 170 kg dry weight for a single cilinder is far too much.
    I had a 1988 Gilera Saturno, removed the starter engine and replaced the heavy battery
    with a lighter one and the bike weighted about 128 kg.
    But it seems BMW and weight saving are two different things. This is not a Husqy, it’s
    a BMW with the name ‘Husqvarna’ on it. They are killing a brand.

  • cc

    Heavy and underpowered. How did BMW execs turn a Husqvarna hooligan mobile into a BMW GS? Add weight, ABS, and increase price tag. After BMW kills Husqvarna, it’s all about KTM now. I wish Honda come up with good street legal hooligan mobiles. There’s no way to legalize a motorcycle in California without factory street legal certificates.

  • cc

    Does this mean that Nuda 900 sold well? I didn’t think it’s possible.