Spy Shot: Husqvarna Nuda Touring Bike

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Not long after we talked about how Husqvarna’s on-road segment was saving the boutique motorcycle manufacturer from its dwindling off-road segment, do we get a spy photo of what appears to be a Husqvarna Nuda 900 in a touring setup.

Featuring more of a top fairing, proper windscreen, and a broader saddle for the rider and passanger, the changes should make this Nuda variant a bit more comfortable on long hauls when compared to its predecessor, if not more attractive as well.

Presumed to be something in the works for 2014, it is not clear if the bike caught here will be a new model, or an extension of the Nuda line. However, it is clear that Husqvarna plans to continue its push into established on-road motorcycle segments, using an appropriate amount of its own flare along the way.

As such, we can expect to see the Husqvarna Baja, and possible the Husqvarna Moab in 2014, perhaps alongside this Husqvarna Nuda Touring model. More info as we get it.