Husqvarna Baja Concept Gets Closer to Reality

11/13/2012 @ 3:27 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

When Husqvarna debuted the at the start of this year, it was tipped that the Husqvarna Baja Concept, which was modern take on the Husqvarna Cross 400, could make it into production. We rejoiced. Eleven months later, Husqvarna has returned with the Husqvarna Baja 650 Concept at the EICMA show, and the design has gone a great deal forward from its avant garde angles, to something that is a bit more rounded.

Looking like a bike that is ready for production, it wouldn’t surprise us to hear that the German-owned brand will bring the Baja to market in 2013. Based around the same 652cc BMW engine that is found in the Husqvarna Strada, the Husqvarna Baja 650 Concept uses a steel tube frame for the chassis.

Front wheel suspension is taken care of by a USD forks, while the rear wheel is controlled by a dual-sided swingarm in conjunction with a “central spring strut hinged on a lever system”…mmk? The front wire-spoked wheel is 19 inches, while the rear wheel is 17 inches, which should make the off-roaders happy. Brembo is handling the brakes.

While we were very partial to the original concept, we have to say the new revisions change the Husqvarna Baja Concept a bit in our minds. That being said, the bike has an all-new appeal to us, and would be a real success if BMW management decides to pull the trigger on producing it. How will it fit in with the angular Husqvarna Nuda, Husqvarna Terra, and Husqvara Strada motorcycles? That we couldn’t say, but Husqvarna should pursue this aesthetic full-force.

Source: BMW Group

  • froryde

    Now how about bringing the Moab concept to life?!

  • alex

    Yeah, the Moab is the bike I want to see. And preferably with that awesome number plate/headlight dealy!

    ditch the twin pipes and the headlight on this though, it’s a great start

  • jackie

    Hooorrrible. Flashing back to the 70s in all the wrong ways. Bring us the Nuda in enduro form before this time machine afterbirth.

  • Jonathan

    Remember that cute girl you went to school with? Now she’s turning tricks and getting slapped around by her fat German pimp. Heartbreaking.

    A quick recap:

    449 / 511: Gut – churningly ugly but capable dirt / supermotos built around BMW leftovers.

    Nuda: A gut – churningly ugly fun bike built around BMW leftovers.

    Strada / Terra: Gut – churningly ugly utility bikes built around BMW leftovers.

    Baja: Gut- Another churningly ugly BMW bitza, except that this one has no redeeming features whatsoever.

    I’m hoping that the fat German pimp will spend some of his ill-gotten gains developing a new 2-stroke Husky dirt bike to replace the worthy-but-long-in-the-tooth CR / WR range, but I get the feeling that he’s just going to blow it all on crack and ill-fitting Chinese bodywork.

  • Singletrack

    The profile looks like something a 10 year old would create by mixing and matching parts from leftover Testors model kits…. 1/8 scale fuel tank and engine stuffed into a 1/12 scale chassis and wheels.

  • MikeD


    +1. I would rather Moab than Baja.

    I think the double muffler is just bob weight (make it a dummy one, hollow, a storage compartment, like the 2Bros Muffler kit for the 06-07 ZX-10R, LOL.

    Although, i have heard that MONOS are the hardest of engines to “shut up”… (something with no other cylinder to cancel each others sounds waves, etc ).

  • starmag

    Sorry Husky, the barfy green number plate needs to go. How about real quality looking chrome panels on the tank? Dual exhaust on a single? Does the tank really need those angles? The 70 wr400 was a timeless beauty, no shame in coping it. I note that Triumph’s best selling bike is a near perfect replica of an old Bonneville that doesn’t have angles added to the tank. The 50ish guys who loved them don’t need hard to get loans. The tank angles aren’t going to suck in the “rad” crowd anyway. There is such a thing as timeless beauty. You Moab guys really like the front fender on that? It otherwise looks pretty much the same.

  • Emptybee

    Instead of saying it is a modern take on a 400 Cross – which was a motocrosser – it’s more like the RT360, which was actually a dual-sport. Check it out here:

  • The Baja concept is supposed to channel Steve McQueen’s Cross 400, which was made famous by its SI cover shot.

  • conchop

    Thank God, somebody in the ADV bike styling department is starting do get it. While needing more work, this bike is certainly heading in the right direction. The styling on most of these Euro ADV bikes is ghastly. They are like having a really well built high performance woman with an athletic body, BUT, with a face that causes train wrecks. This BAJA is breaking new ground.

    Anxious to see the styling on the new Buell AX [ if they ever get it out ]

    I wish them well in this venture – putting the BAJA right next to their other bikes will be the tale of the tape. I bet this would sell 2 to 1.

  • Paul McM

    I love Huskys, being old enough to remember the original enduros. I had great hopes for this Baja bike. The idea of a dual-sport that wasn’t trying to be a motocross bike, but had sensible gas tank and a comfortable seat. Pair that with modern fuel injection, advanced lighting, counter-balanced engine, and you might really have something. But this has gone in the wrong direction from the earlier prototype methinks. To get me to part with my torquey, simple and ultra-reliable 360-lb DR650se I want something that really combines the best of the old with best of the new. Don’t think this Baja does that. This just looks like a retro-tarted Nuda/Strada. As others said, the dual exhaust really kills it for me. Oh well, scratch another off the list of bikes to lust for…