The Honda X-ADV Adventure Scooter is Coming

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The Honda City Adventure concept is set for production, according to a new teaser video from Honda. Now called the Honda X-ADV, the basic idea is to have a step-through scooter design with off-road “ADV” attributes, such as longer suspension and dual-sport tires.

Showing us a short video with a scooter that looks almost identical to the Honda City Adventure concept, the clip hard-cuts between city scenes and dirt roads. Ending with a nod towards August 30th, we can almost certainly expect Big Red to debut this adventure scooter then.

The idea of an adventure scooter is a weird notion, to be sure, but Honda likes remixing established segments to create new machines, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by this recent mashup.

What’s curious is the decidedly European feel to the video, which begs the question of where in the developed world this idea of an ADV scooter would be most beneficial? In developing countries, where roads aren’t necessarily paved, this idea seems to hold more merit.

Reportedly, the Honda X-ADV shares the same 745cc parallel-twin engine as the NC750X, which means the scoot will have plenty of…scoot.

That fuel-sipping engine is great from a practical standpoint; but in the same breath, it’s also a drivetrain that more than one moto-journalist has accused of being “soulless”.

Still, we can see someone wanting a step-through two-wheeler with a little more chops around dirt/fire roads, but still with the ability to function in a metro environment. From farm-to-metro, if you will.

City Adventure Concept

City Adventure Concept

City Adventure Concept

Source: Honda Motor Europe (YouTube)