Honda RC213V-S To Be Officially Official on June 11th?

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French-speaking publications are letting slip that Honda has a media event planned June 11th for the Honda RC213V-S — where it is expected that the MotoGP-derived street bike will be finally put forth in its production form.

Readers will remember that Honda unveiled the RC213V-S as a “prototype” at the 2014 EICMA show. Honda made the same move with the “True Adventure” prototype, which we knew at the time to be the new Honda Africa Twin adventure-touring machine.

With the Africa Twin now officially a 2016 model according to Honda, we wait for Big Red to do the same with the RC213V-S.

Hopefully the June 11th date proves to be true, and we can finally line-up a lot of speculation with the hyperbike.

Estimations on price have run the gamut between mid five-digit figures to lowish six-digit numbers, with rumors that not even Honda was sure how to position the RC213V-S in the marketplace.

Honda has been tight-lipped on specifications as well. Of course we can see the go-fast porn that the RC213V-S is adorned with, but it’s not clear how much of the race bike’s 260+ horsepower will remain while in street trim.

A street bike that has been years in the making, it’s time for this story to play out its final act. We hope June 11th is that curtain call, and we can begin talking about a tangible production machine…which we are really keen to ride.








Source: Moto-Station; Gallery Photos: © 2014 Rob Harris / Canada Moto Guide — All Rights Reserved

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