Honda NSF250R Moto3 Race Bike Breaks Cover

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Honda has finally given us an unshaded photo of its 250cc four-stroke Moto3 race bike, dubbed the Honda NSF250R. Despite the clearer view, there are no real surprises here (this actually looks like the same photo as used before, sans photoshopping), as the majority of the bike is still covered by the primer-painted fairing. Honda says the new NSF250R is designed to be like the RS125R it replaces: high-performaning, lightweight, and compact. This should make the switch from two to four-strokes easier for young riders, and limit the need to adjust riding styles for the new machine.

Honda hopes the NSF250R Moto3 race bike will be a springboard for young riders into the MotoGP racing series, which was exactly the reasoning Dorna had in dropping 125GP for Moto3. Honda was apparently so excited about launching the Honda NSF250R, they even got a little misty-eyed on us, closing its remarks with the following words: “We really look forward to this new ‘NSF250R’ being loved by more people around the world and helping them to realize their dreams in the world of motorsports, all the while being charmed by the machine.” Oh, we’ll love it Honda, we’ll love it so good.

Source: HRC

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