Honda NRS250 Teased – The Moto3 Racer Cometh

10/15/2010 @ 1:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Honda has begun teasing its NRS250 race bike, which many believe will be the basis to the company’s involvement in the Moto3 racing class that will replace 125GP racing in 2012. NRS stands for “Next Racing Standard”, not to be confused with NSR series of two-stroke machines from Honda (Editor’s note: Great naming convention, right?), and not much is known about the bike beyond these dark photos.

Presumably built with a modified single-cylinder motor from Honda’s CRF250, the NSR250 should be four-strokes of fun for young racers and track day enthusiasts alike. Honda is only keeping this wallpaper photo up until October 17th, which implies that a new photo will replace it. Only two more days to go.

Source: Honda

  • Woody

    Actually it’s the 15th, but you’re close!


  • Ah crap. I went into the future and skipped the weekend. I hate when that happens.

  • doug

    Maybe they’ll bring it in street trim to the states :-)

  • Ceolwulf

    I suspected dyslexia at first.

    Street version pretty please?

  • Sloan

    Hell, bring a track-ready version for sale to the masses.

  • I actually am dyslexic, which makes this whole blogging thing super fun. Time traveling is just a fringe benefit, but hell with my daily planner.

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  • RSVDan

    Even if they do bring a track ready version to the States, I will kindly pass if it does indeed use a CRF motor. Modern 4-stroke motocross motors are hell on maintenance as it is, so imagine a road race version that spends most of it’s life bouncing off the rev limiter! I foresee track side valve adjustments and oil changes in between sessions just to keep the little thing alive, not to mention piston replacement every 5 hours of use. At least doing a top end on a 2-stroke is quick and simple.

    Just my opinion, but I believe small capacity race bikes should remain in the realm of 2-strokes.

  • CZ

    in Sen’s image it looks a lot like the Moriwaki MH250.. i think