Is the Honda NC750X Coming to the USA?

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American Honda currently carries the Honda NC700X in its adventure-touring lineup, while our friends across the pond have the Honda NC750X – a slightly updated machine.

This has always been a slight oddity between American Honda and Honda Motor Europe, though it probably doesn’t change the price of bread for most motorcyclists. It is strange, though, that even our brothers to the North have the NC750X in their arsenal.

Appeasing our OCD tendencies of congruency and order, it would seem that the Honda NC750X is finally going to come to the USA, with Honda filing for a trademark for the motorcycle with the USPTO.

The Honda NC750X brought a bevy of modest changes to the budget-priced ADV bike, in the form of upgraded suspension pieces, a refined dual-clutch transmission (DCT) when fitted, better brakes, and a revamped exhaust. Basically, the NC750X is slightly better in every way over the NC700X it replaces.

However, with American Honda updating the NC700X for the US market for the 2016 model year, it’s not clear to us what differences exist between the two models still, beyond the slightly larger engine displacement, of course.

We doubt there will be too much fanfare in adding the NC750X to Honda’s line, but we do expect the machine to be a 2017 model. Keep your eyes out for it.

Source: USPTO