Is the Honda NC750X Coming to the USA?

10/17/2016 @ 5:12 am, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


American Honda currently carries the Honda NC700X in its adventure-touring lineup, while our friends across the pond have the Honda NC750X – a slightly updated machine.

This has always been a slight oddity between American Honda and Honda Motor Europe, though it probably doesn’t change the price of bread for most motorcyclists. It is strange, though, that even our brothers to the North have the NC750X in their arsenal.

Appeasing our OCD tendencies of congruency and order, it would seem that the Honda NC750X is finally going to come to the USA, with Honda filing for a trademark for the motorcycle with the USPTO.

The Honda NC750X brought a bevy of modest changes to the budget-priced ADV bike, in the form of upgraded suspension pieces, a refined dual-clutch transmission (DCT) when fitted, better brakes, and a revamped exhaust. Basically, the NC750X is slightly better in every way over the NC700X it replaces.

However, with American Honda updating the NC700X for the US market for the 2016 model year, it’s not clear to us what differences exist between the two models still, beyond the slightly larger engine displacement, of course.

We doubt there will be too much fanfare in adding the NC750X to Honda’s line, but we do expect the machine to be a 2017 model. Keep your eyes out for it.

Source: USPTO

  • Brett Lewis

    Just knowing the 750 was out there and we were limited to the 700 was enough for me to eliminate it from consideration. This changes things from my perspective, slightly.

  • Jason

    I predict excellent sale prices on the 700.

  • Paulo

    It’s a sharper looking bike, better colors and nicer headlight besides the other little things. Cool bike for what it is.

  • Gary

    This is kind of a throw-back to the mid-eighties and Reagan era tariffs on motorcycles over 699cc (thanks a lot HD). I had a Honda Nighthawk S (700) that was positively brilliant but the Canadians & Europeans got the full 750cc monty. The difference was implemented via stroke, so it wasn’t a convenient mod. Too bad because the 750’s did provide a nice little step-up in performance.

  • LeDelmo

    I honestly wonder what the Japanese are thinking when they add all the plastic to their bikes.

  • paulus

    Multi model platforms. You don’t have to sculpt and engineer nice looking components when you cover them with a plastic shell. Then the platform can be used for many models and variants.

  • Peter Jowett

    Not sure the US will get the LED headlight… Canada doesn’t get it.

  • RD350

    ugly …

  • Bill Woodall

    Nice looking bike. Like it’s slightly smaller sibling, I expect it will look even better up close and personal. Having said that, virtually all my miles are on pavement and the 700 is a little short on HP for my highway tastes. (Now, if Yamaha would put the 900 triple in an adventure bike, I’d trade my Tenere.)

  • jose gamino

    I agree is the 750 ever coming to the us?

  • Brett Lewis

    The website shows a 2017 700 for sale as of now… I take that as a bad sign for this year.

  • KPC

    The 2016 also got a power bump to 54hp. I know this engine is basically 1/2 the second generation Honda fit engine. What I would love to see, (and what I think would really sell in the USA), is this brought to the states with the engine based on the current, third generation Fit engine. It puts out 131 hp, so, by my calculations 1/2 would be about 65 hp, a nice bump. Also, the third gen Fit engine puts out more torque than HP, so say 70ft lbs. this would be great on its own, but if Honda would do a Kawasaki and peal off around 45 pounds of weight, this thing would be practical AND fun. what do you think?