Honda MSX125 Will Make a Monkey Out of You

01/09/2013 @ 12:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


If there ever was a motorcycle that earned the word “cute” is its best descriptor, the Honda Monkey might be it. A diminutive and fun motorcycle, it was hard to look good on Honda’s old Z-series bikes, though the machines themselves still carry their own unique flavor of cool to this day.

Fast-forward fifty-years later, and Honda is bringing the Monkey back, this time in the guise of the 2013 Honda MSX125. Manufactured in Thailand, the Honda MSX 125 (MSX = Mini Street X-treme 125), the 125cc, 9.7 hp, four-stroke, two-valve, single-cylinder, fuel-injected fun machine will be a Spring 2013 model in markets around the world (no word on North America though).

The ultimate pit bike for us Anglo-Saxons, the Honda MSX125 also serves as a practical and durable machine for markets where potholed asphalt is a luxury where roads rarely exist. With the seat just a touch above 30 inches off the ground (30.1″ to be exact), the new Honda Monkey is a friend to the short man (or woman) as well.

Twelve inch wheels, a four-speed gearbox, 1.45 gallon fuel tank, and USD forks complete the consumer feature package, though Honda engineers have done some fancy packaging to the MSX125 to get its PGM-FI  system and other electronics in place.

Available in Asteroid Black Metallic, Pearl Himalayas White, Pearl Queen Bee Yellow, and Pearl Valentine Red, if there was ever a 125cc machine we wanted to zip thru traffic in, this might be it. American Honda, are you reading this?




Source: Honda

  • 76

    I want one

  • meatspin

    me too. It looks like it uses the same engine as the CBR125 so the power wouldnt be too crazy.

    if it was my money, i’d just get a used TW200 with street tires.

  • Paul McMenamin

    Interesting little machine. But strange video. If I ride this do I need to wear mascara, put my hair in a top knot, rock skinny jeans, and look androgynous (@ 00:26, 2:55). Pulling wheelies on a 9.7 hp, 125cc bike is also kind of a joke. But the video does make this little bike look more badass than it has any right to… Hope they punch it to 200cc. That would make it a good city bike in USA. As for “zipping through traffic” — first you have to keep up with traffic.

  • Fun on a bun!

  • paulus – Thailand

    At the official launch yesterday Honda had recruited Nick “Apex” Brocha to demonstrate the bike.
    Even with 9HP it wheelied, stoppied and did burnouts just great :)

  • yooperbikemike

    Mikey like

    Now if only Honda brings it to the USA at a reasonable price.

  • MikeD

    Looks like a RIOT. It would make an awesome learner. Plenty small…probably underpowered ? and i pressume light, (very flickable ?) and hopefully makes 80mpg or better ? The EFI is total WIN material…very very nice touch, Honda.

    I would totally hit that.

  • Azmi K

    Unfortunately Honda is just a trend follower. It was kawasaki that introduced this monkey bike in ASEAN countries a few years back. It’s called KSR110, in second generation. Check it out here,

  • MikeD

    That Kawi looks very nice too.

  • L2C

    Hmm, they probably would sell more of those if they had simply showed that cutie pie in the club riding pillion instead.

    More accurate vid title: “MSX125: Clutching Testosterone,” if you know what I mean.

    Also, lose the Dubstep and the burnouts. For a new product, that sure came across as being exceptionally tired, rather than vigorous and stimulating. Poor use of come-hither goo-goo eyes and fading sunsets … just bad ad porn through and through.

    I like the bike, however.

  • ewganhoff

    “same engine as cbr 125” WTF?!?! Are you blind? Do they have a mutant horizontal cylinder cbr 125 in America? The engine is clearly a development of the c90 engine. My ’88 semi-auto 3-speed c90 did about 50mph and its long stroke gave it lovely chugability. I also had the the same engine configuration in 70cc manual 4-speed Chinese monkey bike I got for ¬£450 off ebay brand new. It did about 40mph and was loads of fun until it fell to bits. My work mates used to laugh their heads off and tooth their horns as I filtered past them in heavy traffic with just my helmet showing above their car door windows. This 110 would be great fun but wouldn’t be as good as my pcx for commuting, especially in winter.

  • JD

    Little hooligan perfect for buzzing around town? I’m sold. Please bring it to the States!

  • Sloan

    “Pit bike”. That’s EXACTLY what I thought!

  • nori

    Watch. Kwak KSR stunt in Thailand. It’s a fun!

  • pruet
  • Walter

    I NEED one, guess what I have my home in Thailand but they CAN NOT deliver a Yellow one…hope it changes SOON before i….do the red one…..
    For about 1700 Euro here….

  • sundance


  • sundance