Honda CRF250 Rally Concept Breaks Cover in Japan

03/17/2015 @ 2:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Adventure riders, you prayers have been answered. Honda is set to debut a new off-road model at the Osaka Motorcycle Show, the Honda CRF250 Rally.

Based off the Honda CRF250L platform, the Rally concept is basically the CRF250L with rally-styled bodywork.

The Honda CRF250 Rally concept will get its worldwide debut alongside the Honda True Adventure concept, which we first saw at last year’s EICMA show.

This makes for an interesting dichotomy, as the CRF250 Rally is set to look like the CRF450 Rally race bike, while the True Adventure (cough, Africa Twin, cough) borrows heavily from the race bike’s technology package.

With Honda showing a 250cc ADV model and a 1,000cc model at the same show, one has to wonder when a consumer-level version of the CRF450 Rally race bike will be ready as well.


Source: Honda

  • Bensen Jeeler

    Is this based on a Honda Cub EZ90?

  • jimmysmithJR

    No Bensen, they scaled up the Grom.

  • Starmag

    It seems on this bike and the previous article’s 150, Honda has wisely restrained the styling department and , at least temporarily put down the ugly stick, whatever these bikes other merits. Kudos.

  • Paul McM

    Hmm, you say it is “off-road” but then it has turn signals. I think Honda is intending this to be some kind of baby Adventure bike (which means it will be used 95% on road). “Based off the Honda CRF250L platform”. That’s all I needed to know. Not enough motor for 200-lb American males. Not enough go for the highway. Re styling, what’s with the stickers? Looking at this faux rally bike I wonder “what is the perceived buyer group”? Is Honda betting this will be big in Malaysia or India or China? France? Is there a desire among non-USA buyers to have a bike festooned with commercial stickers? Is sticker fetishism a new trend somewhere on the planet? I sort of don’t get it…

  • Piglet2010

    Put the windshield, heated grips, decent pannier and top box mounts, and the 286cc engine in the CRF250L, and I would buy it as a commuter bike.

  • Piglet2010

    No, it is GL1800 based.

  • Emptybee

    My prayers would be answered if it were in the 600-650cc range, not a 250.

  • paulus

    Styling is very nice. No reason why this could not be a 300cc. CRF250L shares a lot of engine with the CBR250/300. A genuine parts barrel/crank upgrade and you should get 300cc+. Would be a big hit in Asia… the intended target for this bike.

  • Lawrence

    I can see this being a huge hit in SEA, Thailand, etc. not in N.A.

  • theSteve

    Personally, I would LOVE to be able to buy this bike! Even though A) In America B) loved my KTM 640 Adventure 3) FAT. I’ve already thought about converting a CRF250L myself, factory-rolled would be way easier.

  • smellysam .

    This bike would fit my needs. Not having a huge arse has advantages.

  • Matt

    Just slide the CB500 series 471cc twin inside the plastic, keep it to <400lbs wet, sell it for $7,999 and voila! What everyone is clamoring for..

  • Piglet2010

    I understand that the largest Honda could make the current engine without significant re-tooling is the 286cc of the current CB300F and CBR300R.

    Wish Honda would make a ~330 pound dual-sport with a modern ~400cc single with about 35-HP and 25 lb-ft or torque.