Hi, Are You the Honda CBR250RR?

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The above photo seems to be the first leaked image of Honda’s new quarter-liter sport bike, which many have dubbed as the Honda CBR250RR. First debuted at the Honda “Light Weight Super Sports” concept, our sources say that the Honda CBR250RR has been green-lit for production.

Patents showing the Honda’s LED headlight seem to confirm that news, and many expect the twin-cylinder sport bike to be a response to the machines that Kawasaki, KTM, and Yamaha in the small-displacement space.

As such, we can expect the Honda CBR250RR to make north of 35hp from its 249cc lump that revs to 14,000 rpm..

The styling on the “Light Weight Super Sports” concept has been very aggressive, and if the image above is to be believed, the finished product doesn’t lose any of the concept’s razor-sharp edge.

We likely have a few more months to wait before the Honda CBR250RR officially drops, and that should give Honda’s PR machine plenty of time to start cranking out better looking photos than the one we have here.

We don’t expect Honda’s new quarter-liter package to be the two-wheeled terror we saw from earlier small-displacement RR bikes, but it should still be a good option for those who are going club racing, or looking for something more sporty than the single-cylinder Honda CBR250R.

If there’s a bike we’re eager to see for the 2017 model year, this is certainly it. Let’s hope this Honda lives up to the hype.







Source: Car & Bike