Spy photographers Brenda Priddy & Company have snapped some more shots of soon-to-be Honda motorcycles, with perhaps the best find being a new CBF model (click here for photos on Motorcycle-USA) that appears to be an automatic unit, possibly a dual-clutch transmission equipped model.

The naked street bike slots in with the middleweight offerings that we’ve recently seen from a bevy of manufacturers, the most notable of which being the Yamaha Fazer8. Not much is known about the new Honda model, as the Japanese company is notoriously well known for keeping its projects under wraps, though we can likely expect a debut of the new CBF later this autumn.

Differentiating itself from the rest of the middleweight crowd, the new Honda CBF comes noticeably without a clutch lever and shifter-pedal, which lends us to our belief that the model will be an automatic, though it could carryover Honda’s dual-clutch transmission.

With the previously European-only CB1000R making its way to American soil, it’ll be interesting to see if the smaller CBF finds its way to the US as well. For our European brothers and sisters, the ~700cc should slot the bike in well with the 600cc and 1,000cc variations of the CBF.

Source: Motorcycle-USA

  • MikeD

    YAWN, I’LL PASS…what else is new ?

  • Isaac Chavira


    Why yawn at this bike? Is it because it’s not a 1000cc mohawk inducing ‘squid saddle’?

    I think it’s going to be great and given the fact that it’s a small bike that most likely will not be thirsty for dead dinosaurs.

  • Damo

    Could be a great bike I have a Honda Hornet for many years and loved it, but I am dying to see what the respin on the Fireblade is going to be for next year. I am a huge Honda fanboy, but they REALLY need to update that litre bike.

  • MikeD


    Thanks for implying that im a SQUID, SADLY…im not. I wear ALL the gear, don’t know how to wheely and own an old SV1000N NOT some 190mph 195hp TORTURE RACK superbike.

    Do u happen to be from Europe ? That would explain a lot of your reaction to “my opinion” about your ALWAYS THE MASS MEDIA’S DARLING LAME A$$ HONDA.

    I say it like i saw it, A BLAND P.O.S that doesn’t give me BIKE WOOD. It works for u ? That’s cool, variety is the spice of life. (^_^ )

    If we all wanted the same life would so cookie cutter…and that’s just wrong.

  • Isaac Chavira


    No I’m not from Europe (US Navy Air Traffic Controller, VET) and I never said that you were a squid. I also do not like Hondas very much myself. You do have to admit they are in a new market niche. Take for example the CBR250. It’s great for 10yr old boys trapped in 16yr old bodies. This way there is a safer alternative to them buying R6’s the first time they want to own a sport bike. This 700cc will be a good starter bike as well. They key is safety and value. Our economy isn’t inspiring confidence for manufacturers abroad. I mean look at what Suzuki did with the 2010′ machines. KTM is bringing in a small bike too (125 Duke).

  • A little bland. But I am digging the fact that they are straying away from the standard tri-spokes which should have stayed in the 80’s.

  • MikeD


    10yr old boys trapped in 16yr old bodies….LMAO, Priceless.

    Ok, i get your Drift… True, u can’t blame them for trying something else (bland or not). Everybody in the industry is hurting and looking for new ways to get those $$$.
    This might be someone’s ideal bike for all i know… lol, i should’ve taken it easier in my response…after all, no one will force me to buy it… (^_^ )’


    Yes, the new wheel pattern is a welcomed change.

  • glad if this model come to Malaysia.. ;-)

  • BBQdog

    ‘Middleweight’ is 150 kg without petrol ????