The Honda Africa Twin doesn’t lend itself naturally to a supermoto format, though it is one of the most capable off-road adventure bikes on the market, but you have to admit that this photoshop render by French designer Nicolas Petit is very intriguing.

Maybe it’s our obvious bias towards anything supermoto that is talking, or maybe it’s that there is something to the idea of taking the Africa Twin, adding 17” wheels, and lowering it just enough that riders can actually flat-foot the machine while sitting on it.

Add in some styling cues that scream “supermotard” and you have a very handsome machine that is ready to conquer anything the urban environment can throw at it. Hell, it’s probably just a scary clown costume away from a good time on a gravel road. Right??!

We doubt Honda has any eyes on offering a more on-road version of the CRF1000L, though if they did, and it looked like this, we might be intrigued. Just leave the DCT off of it.

Source: Nicolas Petit (Blog)

  • m3gtr

    CRF1000M ?

  • CRF1000SM, maybe?

  • Spurdog1

    Come on Suzuki, do the same with the V storm!

  • n/a

    Needs smaller tank and supermoto style rear fender.

  • Gary

    …even better if it had a KTM or Ducati motor in that chassis.


    And lose 100lbs.

  • PeteN95

    Why leave the DCT off? F1 cars use a DCT because it is the fastest way. The AT just needs more power for hooligan use and a diet.

  • transistorplanet

    Much yes.

  • One, I think the DCT on the Africa Twin is horrible for the street. You’re going 35mph, and it wants to put you in sixth gear. But also, you’ll want that clutch lever for sick power slides and dank wheelies.

  • PeteN95

    Put it in manual mode! Don’t let it decide when to shift, just take advantage of the super fast, clutchless shifting at your finger tips! If it had enough power, wheelies wouldn’t be a problem with no clutch. My XR650R rips them up in 3rd with no clutch lever! And backing it in is easier too without having to modulate a clutch.

  • Ehh, in application it’s just more hassle than it’s worth.

  • PeteN95

    You mean a manual clutch? Yes, they are a hassle! :-)

  • chris

    most people would settle for a thoroughly modern xr650sm.

  • n/a

    So this is what it’s come to, huh?

    Too much trouble to use manual clutch/transmission. Yamaha are on to something with that bike that’s ridden by a robot, eh?

    I’ll take the manual every time 🙃

  • Bruce

    After putting 10000km on one this summer I can’t help but think how great this engine would be in a naked retro-ish standard.Take it back to just a motor frame and wheels + the bare necessities to make it function and you would have a hell of a bike. Although it is a hell of a bike in its current form too!

  • Tanner

    yeah, well the ducati hypermotard is 50+lbs less weight, 15hp more, and it sucks as a supermoto. This honda piggy will be even worse. supermotos need to be LIGHT

  • Sayyed Bashir

    It’s horrible for the dirt too. Try jumping a log or a stream with DCT. Sliding the rear for fast turns. Feathering the clutch through rock gardens. DCT is only good for fire roads. Not even counting the 31 lb weight and $700 price disadvantage. F1 cars don’t go off-road.

  • Alam R

    I love this concept and it would make a great super-motard!
    Honda please do this!

  • RD350

    Calling this concept (or the HyperMotard) a “motard” is a bit of a misnomer.
    How about Street-Tard?

  • RD350

    The SV650 engine in motard trim would awesome.

  • PeteN95

    I have Rekluse auto clutches on my KTM 250XCW and Honda XR650R and I do technical single track with both while never touching the clutch lever, the XRR doesn’t even have one! If you haven’t tried it, you just don’t know. Plus it allows you to put the rear brake on the handle bar where it is much easier to use, especially when drifting into right handers!

  • PeteN95

    I would shift myself, as I don’t like having a trans choose when to shift, but the clutch is just needless extra work.

  • pidgin

    Starting 2017 europe is stripped from all supermotos. crf250m/wr250x/xt660sm/kawi d-tracker. All will be gone :( Really hoping there is atleast 1 new japanese supermoto coming.

  • Al Putra

    the engine is one of the factor that makes africa twin good, so…you know what I mean :)

  • AHA

    KTM 690 SMC-R? Husky 701 SM? Both Euro IV for 2017.

  • pidgin

    ridicilously priced and too high maintenance/unreliable.
    used market is full of ktm 690s there I live nobody wants that garbage

  • Spurdog1

    Yep. I cant see why Suzuki dont use their good engines in a number of different bikes. It works for Yamaha with the MT/FZ series and Ducati with the Scrambler.

  • Spurdog1

    Ducati already do the Hypermotard. KTM about to come out with their parallel twin soon. Maybe a supermoto version… hope so.

  • Spurdog1

    The Ducati makes a great road bike though. Lightweight, single cylinder supermotos are great, but there are people who dont want to thrash a single around. They would prefer a more comfortable and practical bike for the lanes with the usefulness of going more than 80 miles on a tank and with the nice smooth torque of an engine like this Honda twin. Strap a bag on the seat and a small screen and you could tour on this too.

  • Alam R

    The KTM 690SM is fine bike! I only sold mine as the wheelies were getting me pulled.

  • Dude

    Please oh Please yes.