The Honda Africa Twin Gets Rally Raid Ready

03/10/2017 @ 10:34 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

When it comes to adventure-tourers that can actually go off-road, the Honda Africa Twin easily rises to the top of the list. Couple that to Honda’s pursuits in the Dakar Rally and other rally raid events, and its easy to see where the Honda Africa Twin Rally could be born.

A special model being built by Italy’s Honda importer that was unveiled at this year’s Motodays show, the Africa Twin Rally won’t be hitting other markets any time soon (read: never), though it shows a machine that many ADV riders have been clamoring for, since the first shots of the Honda CRF450 Rally hit the internet.

The Honda Africa Twin Rally loses roughly 15 pounds over its OEM predecessor, mostly by using carbon fiber and a minimalist LED headlight assembly. Yes, a roadbook is an optional accessory, for when you find yourself in the middle of The Dakar.

Other tasty bits include billet aluminum triple clamps, crash guards, and skid plate. Stainless steel brake lines have been added as well, along with a more robust radiator and fan guards. Lastly, the exhaust is from Termignoni (with dB killers inserted), and the bike remains homologated for Euro4.

Pricing is a bit tough though, as the Honda Africa Twin Rally will cost you €21,490 for the base model, and €22,640 for the model equipped with Honda’s dual-clutch transmission.


  • Paul M. Fenn

    Who’d get hurt first: It or me?

  • Chocodog

    The Honda Dakar team just has to figure out where they can and can’t gas up. No fiascos again . . .

  • mikstr

    Great looking machine

  • w4nt_51

    Beast 100%

  • pidgin

    I wonder if T7 will cost more or less than 10k

  • Sayyed Bashir

    They knew the rules but thought they wouldn’t get caught. But other teams reported them.

  • MikeD

    FUDGE the 450’s and their civility/sensibility towards the rider’s well being and MPG !
    I WANT something like this RUNNING on Dakar, together with LC GSs 1200,Yamaha’s S10, KTM’s 1290 Adventure, Guzzi’s Stelvio, Multistrada Enduro. . . ALL of the heavy(literally) hitters.
    Excuse my enthusiasm, I’ve been watching too much RedBull Erzberg Rodeo lately.

  • Shawn Kitchen

    “Stainless steal” brake lines?

  • paulus

    Oh yes… this is the bike Honda should have released from the factory.
    Considering the CRF250Rally looks so similar, I wonder how long it will be?

  • paulus
  • appliance5000

    Lot of scratch for 15lbs. Wouldn’t a slip on and an l-ion battery do the trick without losing good headlights?