The Honda Africa Twin is on the short list for being one of the top bikes released in 2016, with Big Red finally getting serious about the adventure-touring market.

To drive that point home further though, Honda has released another variation of the Africa Twin, which it calls the Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept.

The premise with the Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept is pretty simply, and it borrows heavily from what others in the ADV space have done: if the Africa Twin is Honda’s answer to the BMW R1200GS, then the Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept is Honda’s answer to the BMW R1200GS Adventure.

A more stoutly built platform with a larger bias for off-road riding, the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept is meant to be taken through the most rugged ADV terrain, whatever that may be.

Abandoning any hope of being a strong road-tourer, the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Concept comes clad with a more robust aluminum bashguard, to protect the bottom of its 1,000cc parallel-twin engine.

Other key features for off-raod use include wire-spoked wheels that are shod with knobby tires, as well as a flat single-person seat that flows into a luggage rack. A Dakar-styled Termignoni exhaust pipe has also been fitted, to complete the rally look.

As such, the changes to the Honda Africa Twin are subtle, but also effective for the desired result, not unlike the BMW R1200GS Adventure. Other details are scarce at this time, though we would expect the fuel tank to get an extra bump in capacity as well.

For now, the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports is just a concept, which is Honda’s way of testing the waters before considering production. If Big Red likes what it hears, we could see a “prototype” of the machine appear, as we just have with the Honda CRF250 Rally. Stay tuned.



Source: Honda

  • n/a

    There it is!…….Big old ‘big red’ xD

    Looks real good. Probably wouldn’t be happy if I had just bought one though.

  • BlueS

    Very nice! Way to go Honda. I’m hoping there is a slight bump in power to go with the more aggressive off-road specs….

  • Paul McM

    I like the pipe and the larger bash plate is good. But for off-roading, this thing still needs some kind of case-guard side guards. Although I will be the first to admit that the only “off-road” conditions 95% of the buyers will see will be in a gravel parking lot.

  • MrDefo

    Oh that looks the business. I wish I hadn’t just bought a bike, now I’ll have to flip my couch for loose change big time.

  • Gary

    Meh, I think the KTM Adventure is still the bike to beat in this category. And it’ll take more than an aluminum bashguard and flat seat to do that.

  • thumper702

    The bike looks great. Knowing Honda’s track record, the US will only get the bike in either black, or slate grey. :-(

  • coreyvwc

    How would you go about mounting saddle bags (of any kind) with that Dakar-esque exhaust pipe directly in the way? If they’re trying to steal GSA riders, that isn’t going to help…

  • C’mon Man

    If people can mount panniers on Triumph Tiger, you can mount panniers on the Africa Twin Adventure Sport

  • C’mon Man

    I am really looking forward to the bike hitting the dealerships in the US. Should be just a month or 2 away

  • coreyvwc

    Oh I know you “could”, but having the right side saddle bag stick out an extra 9 inches just to clear that silly exhaust, is silly…

  • paulus

    This is the model that should have been the standard. Sweet!

  • Paul M. Fenn

    Good on Honda for sending BMW and KTM (a bit of) a threatening note with this bike. It can only mean better future DS offerings from all manufacturers. How long can it be before someone comes out with a 100hp, sub-400lb (wet), 800cc V-Twin ADV bike with 12” of susp/clearance, low COG and fully tourable for US$10k. That might convince me to abandon my 950SE Apocalypse Survival Weapon. Kidding… nothing could possibly do that.

  • C’mon Man

    I know. KTM Adventure, F800GS, Tiger are all silly bikes.

    Here’s a work around, for those seeking symmetry.

  • I would be inclined to agree, though I haven’t had seat time on either bike.

  • Keep hoping.

  • BlueS

    No matter… there’ll be power boosting solutions in the market… anyway, I don’t like orange, and cylinders out the sides is just plain silly for off-road, so the Africa Twin looks good to me…..

  • ‘Mike Smith

    The American African Twin…shouldn’t it be light brown at the top, dark brown in the middle, with a bit of white at the bottom? Hahahah, ok, ok, I’ll stop. ;)

  • I’ll be Moab, Utah in May riding one. Keep an eye out for the review.

  • Just for you, buddy.

  • Chocodog

    Can’t wait for these bikes to show up in Washington State. Way to go Honda, now how about some hot rod tune up for the engine?

  • Maximum Torque

    15- 20 HP more, soft tough panniers, bash plate, crash bars and engine protection and good titanium or carbon fibre exhaust, wider pegs, adjustable windscreen ….