Another Africa Twin Cometh from Honda?

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Honda Motorcycles Europe has a peculiar video on its YouTube channel, which teases that “the adventure continues” starting this Friday, October 16th. The video is peculiar, because we have already seen the Honda Africa Twin, which debuted at last year’s trade shows.

The video itself doesn’t give away much, other than two riders making their way through some backcountry on a pair of Honda Africa Twin motorcycles.

Best guess seems to be that we’ll see a model variant or two from Honda, most likely including a “touring” model. More radical guesses would be a smaller displacement machine to accompany the 1,000cc adventure-touring beast.

While the latter makes a great deal of sense from a segment point-of-view, there is nothing to suggest such a thing, so we are thinking it’s more likely the prior. We won’t have to wait long to find out though.

With the 2016 Honda Africa Twin not even in dealerships yet, let alone put in the hands of any of the motopress, it’s weird to think Honda is building out the line so quickly, having not even brought the bike to market yet.

Then again, this is a product of the same marketing team that brought us the 119-part video teaser series on the Africa Twin, so…clearly someone is getting paid by the YouTube video. Stay tuned ADV fans.

Source: Honda Motorcycles Europe (YouTube)