Report: Hero HX250R Launch Pushed Back Because of EBR

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Word out of India is that the Hero HX250R, the quarter-liter sport bike that Erik Buell Racing helped design, will not be arriving later this year, as was originally intended. Rumors instead suggest that the HX250R will debut in 2016.

The delay is said to be directly linked to Erik Buell Racing going into receivership earlier this year, and it’s a fair bet that the delay is due to something in the design of the HX250R.

However, we would also bet good money that Hero realized there was no point in releasing a North American bound model without a North American distributor with which to sell it.

Of course, the United States was not the only market set to get the Hero HX250R, though the Indian company was certainly centering its entry into the USA with the HX250R’s launch.

It should be noted that Hero’s new R&D center, located in Kukas, is not up and running yet, and the demise of EBR has left Hero MotoCorp looking for other strategic partners in motorcycle design and development.

With Buelltistas quick to blame Hero as the reason for Erik Buell Racing’s demise, one has to wonder if the Hero HX250R will be persona non grata in the USA if/when it ever arrives.

Meanwhile, things in East Troy have been extremely quiet, with EBR yet to contact its dealer network in any shape or form.

Source: Autocar Pro via

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