Harley-Davidson 2020 Concept

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Harley-Davidson is probably the last company we’d expect to start showing concept motorcycles, but that didn’t stop designer Miguel Cotto from imagining what the Milwaukee brand would look like in 10 years. We don’t know what the next decade will have in store for the American brand, but we’re willing to bet this isn’t it.

While Cotto’s design is perhaps a bit too Tron-like for most Harley riders, he has been sure to keep intact the company’s iconic air-cooled v-twin powerplant. As such, at the heart of the 2020 concept is an 883cc Sportster motor. The rest of the design elements are new though, with a hubless drive system being the centerpiece of the design.

We dig the futuristic look that’s going on here, which is also the reason why most Harley riders will hate it, and why this is probably a misguided foray into the brand’s identity. Maybe Cotto should pitch the idea to someone like Honda instead?

Editors’s note: This concept was not commissioned by Harley-Davidson, and Yanko Designs picked up the story, and did not create the images you see. -JB

Source: Yanko Desgin