Harley-Davidson XR1200TT by Shaw Speed & Custom

06/16/2014 @ 5:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


While we collectively take a ponder on what to do with the electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle that will be in the next Avengers movie, here’s another interesting twist involving the Bar & Shield brand.

We’re not usually ones for cruisers, but the Harley-Davidson XR1200TT from Shaw Speed & Custom tickles our racing inclinations the right way, and makes us remember when Harley-Davidson’s name was synonymous with road racing.

As the name implies, the project started from a Harley-Davidson XR1200. SS&C then added its own custom-built exhaust, along with a Screamin’ Eagle tuner and breather — good for roughly 100hp at the rear wheel.

Completing the look is suspension from Öhlins, wheels from Dymag, brakes from Brembo, while the bodywork is a conversion from SS&C’s own Bonneville streamliner design. Add a custom tail and seat, and you have the XR1200TT.

It all sounds rather simple, but the finished product deceives the time and energy that Shaw Speed & Custom put into the design. This bike looks like it could have rolled right out of Milwaukee, and it puzzles us as to why Harley-Davidson recently stopped selling the XR1200, let alone never built upon the model’s popularity after its debut.

We will keep pondering all that, but in the meantime, enjoy photos of the Harley-Davidson XR1200TT by Shaw Speed & Custom. It might be a Harley we’d have to have in our own garage.













Source: Shaw Speed & Custom

  • 999

    I’m no expert on motorcycle design, but it seems like the weight distribution is a bit too far back no? either way, Harley needs to get back into the racing game!

  • gene church

    I would love to throw a leg over this one .

  • Richard Gozinya

    Looks great, though the one thing they missed, if they were going for an XR750TT vibe, is the tank. Would be great to see them build something like this, but I doubt it’d happen. Now someone needs to go for something more along the lines of Lucifer’s Hammer, that bike was a thing of beauty.

  • Tyler

    This looks like Springsteen’s he had at road America is this the next Lucifer’s Hammer
    I sure hope so. To bad Harley is so F^&%$D UP

  • LongTravel

    Seems like this has already been done. I think they called it a Buell…

  • Doug

    Jensen – Remember the Harley track bike from BTR Moto that you rode at Thunderhill for several sessions? The one with a twin cam motor and his own transmission that results in geometry specs equal to the liter sport bikes. The weight is also within the liter, 4 cylinder sport bikes.

    It now has cf wheels on it & several motor improvements, probably taking the performance far beyond the above bike.

  • SBPilot

    Would love to see a video of this thing

  • Jaybond

    Harley should return to Superbike racing, preferably WSBK! A new Harley VR1200 perhaps?

  • smiler

    It looks very nice and well built but 100BHP from a bike that miust weigh at least 200Kgs. Better stick with the chrome and leather.

  • CrisCo

    The picture of the dude walking it down the track says it all.

  • Tim

    It’s not always a simple function of power/weight/price ratios. If HD could bring a somewhat true to form production version of this bike to showrooms, it would probably convince this 26 year old (who kind of dislikes being on a cruiser) to darken the door of an HD dealership again.

    Love seeing some open-minded comments on this site. Maybe if more people refrained from bashing the bar and shield just because … well … internet, maybe HD social media reps would take note that there are some out there who would love to see the well funded American bike company come out with some cool new products.

    If HD wants to sell $25,000 Electraglides to fund the R&D and sell me an XR1200TT and a legit Electric Naked, I’m fine with it.

  • Singletrack

    Beautiful looking bike, as a styling exercise. Makes no sense to start with 100lb disadvantage with that lump of a motor.

    But why would would H-D get back into racing? They’re the most profitable motorcycle company around without it, and Harley buyers don’t give a shit. If H-D’s previous forays into sport bikes had been profitable, they would still be doing it. The market has spoken, and H-D is just doing as its told.

  • Pietro

    All that design and the swingarm looks blah. Other than that and the 45degree twin, the bike looks wonderful

  • Yet again, someone else has to do what H-D can’t/wont do…

  • David

    Any pics without fairing?

  • buellracerx

    Looks sweet, awesome attention to detail. But it’s still the worst handling chassis for racing ever in the history of motorcycles. worst.

    I would love to swing a leg over one, but only after updating my life insurance policy.

  • John

    you took the words out of my mouth. I had a 98 Buell Thunderbolt for ten years. Way better looking than this thing lol.
    And F Harley anyway, worse possible customer service for Buells anyway. Dicks.

  • Hi Jensen, great looking bike. Hats off to Shaw Speed & Custom for a job well done. Really would have liked to see you do an article on my bike since the Harley powered racers seem to be gaining in popularity. Did you get a chance to ride this bike all day at the track like you did mine.

    BTR GP.