Check Out This Aprilia RSV4-Powered Race Car

08/02/2017 @ 10:58 am, by Jensen BeelerADD COMMENTS

If you are in the market for a track-only race car, might we suggest the Griip G1. Though featuring double the wheels that we’re used to, this carbon fiber clad Formula 1000 cart is powered by a very familiar power plant: the Aprilia RSV4 superbike’s V4 engine.

The RSV4 engine on the Griip G1 remains fairly stock, though it uses a drive shaft, instead of a chain drive, as it would on a motorcycles. As such, it makes roughly 201hp in this form, though the real value of the Griip G1 is the weight of the vehicle, which tips the scales at 860 lbs wet and fully fueled.

Designed in Israel, and built in Italy, the Griip G1 will set you back a cool €52,900 if you are interested in owning one. To frame the figure on that price tag, the cost of a G1 is about the cost of three Aprilia RSV4 RR superbikes, over in Europe.

Though relatively cheap for an open-wheel race car with full aeros, the dollars-per-wheels metric is still a bit off from a motorcyclist’s perspective. But, if you have to drive a car around a race track, it might as well be one that is powered by a motorcycle, right?

Technical Specifications of the Griip G1 Formula 1000 Race Car:


  • Tubular 4130 chrome-moly steel space-frame

Engine and Transmission:

  • Aprilia RSV4 1000cc engine / 201HP
  • Griiip© intake and exhaust systems
  • Griiip© Dry-Sump oil lubrication system
  • Six-speed sequential gearbox
  • Engine ECU with built in cut-offs for clutchless quick up and down shifts.

Griiip’s Drivetrain (Patent Pending):

  • Driveshaft system to limited slip differential.
  • No chain, zero maintenance and higher performance.


  • Double wishbone made from airfoil section
  • Pushrods actuated coil-over dampers
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars


  • Front and rear twin element wings
  • Front splitter
  • Rear diffuser


  • Lightweight aluminum Single-Nut rims, 13X8 front, 13X10 rear


  • Double circuit, 2-pot calipers acting on 256mm diameter ventilated disks


  • 28 liter FT3 FIA fuel tank


  • 390kg including fuel


  • Front, Rear and Side crush structures
  • Six-point safety harness
  • On board fire extinguisher
  • Removable steering wheel

Source: Griip G1