Fischer MRX 650 L: Shorty’s American Sportbike

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Fischer has just released a shorter version of its MRX sportbike, designated the Fischer MRX 650 L. The “L” in the name represents the lower seat height the 650 L comes with in order to accommodate shorter riders, while otherwise the “L” is visually identical to its taller sibling the MRX 650. The Fischer MRX 650 has an adjustable seat height of 29.5in-31.5in, which makes the 650 L about 2 to 3 inches shorter in comparison. The lower seat height is possible be a new suspension design, photos and more after the jump.

The Fischer MRX 650 L uses the same Trellispar frame from the base model, but sports a new linkage and Öhlins rear shock to drop the bike lower for vertically challenged riders. Despite these changes, the MRX 650 L has otherwise the same suspension geometry and chassis as the MRX 650. Base price on the 2010 Fischer MRX 650L is $7,999 which is the same as the MRX 650.

Source: Fischer Motor Company