Erik Buell Racing Teases Us Some More

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Erik Buell Racing continues to tease its upcoming models on the company’s Facebook page, and to compliment the two-seater ass shot from several weeks ago, EBR has posted up a shot of a bike hiding in the shadows, with its LED marker lights illuminated.

Though Erik Buell Racing has purposefully doctored the photo, so we can’t decipher more of this bike’s details, the big reveal here is the new headlight design for EBR that replaces the very Roehr/MV Agsuta setup found on the EBR 1190RS.

Is this a shot of the expected Erik Buell Racing 1190RX, or our first glimpse of the Erik Buell Racing 1190SX, which is expected to be a naked-version of the RX? Well that’s up for debate.

The headlight certainly seems to suggest something very aggressive, which would seem to be more fitting for a streetfighter-style machine.

However, it is not known whether EBR intends to ditch the headlight style from the 1190RS for the 1190RX, though we would tend to think it remains to keep continuity between the model’s origins.

Thankfully, we don’t have to speculate for too long. Along with the photo (full version below), Erik Buell Racing left this message, “And in the darkness, something lurks, waiting hungrily for feeding time in the fall…” Stay tuned sport bike fans.


Source: Erik Buell Racing (Facebook)