Here is the 2014 Erik Buell Racing 1190RX

10/16/2013 @ 10:18 am, by Jensen Beeler84 COMMENTS


Debuting today at the AIMExpo in Orlando, the 2014 Erik Buell Racing 1190RX superbike is already the talk of the event. Based off the company’s uber-pricey EBR 1190RS racing machine, the EBR 1190RX is the RS’s more affordable, yet still potent, street bike sibling.

Featuring 185 peak horsepower in a 419 lbs bulk (sans fuel), Erik Buell Racing is posting some impressive numbers with the EBR 1190RX, though we think the $18,995 is the figure that will really get people excited. Putting the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX in “Ducati territory” for potential buyers, EBR is now a serious street bike company for enthusiasts to consider.

Diving into the details, the 2014 Erik Buell Racing 1190RX comes with a 21-setting traction control system (more settings is better, right?), and also features a color digital dash. With a top torque figure of 101.6 lbs•ft at 8,200 rpm, the EBR 1190RX on paper sounds like a peaky beast, though its dyno graph tells a different story.

The headlight is a full LED unit, and flanks the redesigned air intake, while the Suspension is Show Big Piston forks up front, and a full adjustable Showa shock for the rear. Unsurprisingly, Buell’s ZTL single-disc braking design is implemented on the EBR 1190RX, which should be fine as long as you keep the bike off the race track.

America, you have wanted a real American sport bike for some time now. Here is your chance.






2014 Erik Buell Racing 1190RX Technical Specifications:

Type ET-V2: 72° V-Twin, Liquid Cooled, Four-stroke
Bore x Stroke 4.17 in. x 2.66in. (106 x 67.5 mm)
Displacement 72.6 cu in. (1190cc)
Compression Ratio 13.4 : 1
Fuel Delivery Electronic Fuel injection with 2 port injectors and 2 showerhead injectors
Exhaust Primary + Secondary
Peak Torque 101.6 ft-lbs. @ 8200 rpm (137.8 Nm @ 8200 rpm)
Peak Horsepower 185 hp @ 10,600 rpm
Primary Drive Gear Drive 36/65
Final Drive 520 Z-ring chain, 16/41
Clutch Hydraulic actuation, vacuum operated slipper
Transmission Ratios:
1st 2.46
2nd 1.75
3rd 1.38
4th 1.17
5th 1.04
6th 0.96
Overall Length 80.3in. (2040mm.)
Overall Width 29.0in. (737mm)
Overall Height 43.7in. (1110mm)
Seat Height 32.5in. (826mm)
Ground Clearance 4.7in. (120mm)
Rake 22.4°
Trail 3.80in. (96.5mm)
Lean Angle 55°
Front Tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 190/55 ZR-17
Fuel Capacity 4.5 gal (17.lL)
Weight (Wet, no fuel) 419lbs. (190kg)
Load Capacity 375lbs. (170kg)
Frame Aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir
Swingarm Optimized stiffness aluminum
Front Suspension Showa, inverted big piston front forks
Rear Suspension Showa, single shock without linkage
Front Wheel 17 x 3.5 Aluminum
Rear Wheel 17 x 6.0 Aluminum
Front Brake 386mm (15.19in.) Single perimeter rotor, 8 piston inside-out caliper
Rear Brake 220mm (8.66in.) Disc, 2-piston Hayes Performance Brakes Caliper
2014 EBR 1190RX
MSRP $18,995
Body Colors Strike Yellow, Racing Red, & Galactic Black

Source: Erik Buell Racing

  • Andrei M

    Seems to me it has a strong resemblance to 1993 ZX7R… For better or for worse…

  • singletrack

    “America, you have wanted a real American sport bike for some time now. Here is your chance.”

    But I want one in blue, with a smaller fairing and two front discs. ;) Let the excuses begin.
    Seriously, I hope people vote with their wallets and make EBR a valid option.

    Patriotism only carries a product so far though. When it comes time to spend 20 grand, the dealer network, parts availability, reliability and resale value are major considerations for many.

  • Anvil

    @Andrei M


    The ZX-7 had a giant tail.

    I guess I’m not seeing a big resemblance, although, it was a pretty good looking bike for its time.

  • Jake F.

    I like it, but are many people still willing to drop nearly $20k on a bike without ABS?

  • philly phil

    Looks great. i like the spring mount on the side like the duc’s, and the LED headlights…i’d like to get a better look at the headlights though.

    i really wish the price was cheaper too…

  • jimmy smith jr

    Looks like a 2004 ZX10R.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Where does somebody go to buy one? Wisconsin?

    It’s not exactly cheap or pretty but it does seem like a giant leap in the right direction.

    Something I don’t understand about Buell…it seems pride can’t allow him to let go of his not-so-good ideas (I’m looking at you front brake disc that is shit), yet he has no problem dumping the under slung exhaust idea.

    I owned a Buell and was in the Harley dealership more times than I care to remember getting that damn front disc replaced (under warranty) because it kept warping.

  • Bone

    So glad this bike doesn’t have ABS.

  • Gabe

    If anything, it sorta looks like a Ninja 250r (side profile)

  • Leonardo

    Well, well.
    Methinks the price point and pedigree has just made for a resurgent American option. EBR should sell more than a dozen of these beasts.

    WSBK? wow. Ballsy.
    Had I the 20K to spend I would seriously consider this vs. the Panigale. Of course the Italian is drop dead gorgeous but this behemoth ranks in there and provides a sense of satisfaction knowing that it’s original, rarely seen on the road, and American.

    Can’t wait to see it go head to head with the Duc in WSBK. I sense something seismic on the horizon.

  • Never ceased to be amazed… keep the ZTL “off the race track”? The same ZTL system successfully used in AMA Pro Road Racing by Geoff May, Aaron Yates, Cory West, and Dustin Dominguez? The same ZTL system that will be raced next month at the Macau Grand Prix with Mark Miller and Brandon Cretu on the Splitlath Redmond Racing EBRs? Have you personally had some kind of bad experience with the ZTL system that makes you say things like this, or do you just know more about racing motorcycles than the riders mentioned above?

    Chaz- same question for you, mate. ZTL is “shit”, huh? I had some issues with my Buells, too- and all were directly attributable to H-D, or the H-D dealer- not Erik’s designs. Do you honestly believe the guys racing bikes with ZTL systems think their brakes are “shit”? Really? Or do you just like to spew ignorance? Also, the 1190RX has an under slung exhaust- only the EPA-mandated muffler end-pipe extends out the side of the bike. Take a moment to research how much exhaust system there is under the 1190RX that you don’t see in the photos.

    Four years after getting the shaft from the Mo-Fo Co, Erik has introduced a world-class superbike designed and built in America, and I salute the man for doing an exceptional job.

  • TonyS

    You know what never ceases to amaze me? That people get some worked up in the comments sections on blogs.

  • Ton Up Jax, the ZTL brakes are great marketing, but bad engineering. The single-rotor design produces so much heat that at some tracks teams are replacing the rotor after every session. If EBR wasn’t covering the cost of that sort of lunacy, these teams would have long ago replaced the ZTL with a normal dual-rotor setup.

  • TexusTim

    so with gas it will weigh around 455 ? um anybike that has that much power with that much weight will need double disc brakes upfront…really for the money it should be brembo including the master cylinder the forks may allow for this upgrade but it should be standard at that price point.
    the front forks are nice but shouldnt it be paired with the ‘free ballance” rear showa shock ? that should be standard also.
    a bike with that much torque is going to be hard to handle when wound up without those bits.
    so to get were it needs to be for the bike it is said to be add 4 grand to make it right, so now it’s closer to 25 grand and it’s still no were near the panigle. why does he use some showa stuff but not the new package…its stock on 2012 cbr 1000rr and they go for ten grand and stock on the 2013 cbr 600rr.
    and thats a hard comparison when you look at the hardware you get for 20 grand.

  • damn

    this looks better then the panigale looks better then the 1198.1098. and im sure it wil be alot faster. ebr has done a very very good job!

  • Danno

    Sure TonUpJax is passionate, but I have to believe that the the naysayers above are simply uninformed & it shows. Indeed most of the “can” is under the bike, but with 1200cc you can only do so much to meet EPA requirments.

    And have you looked at those wheels? Both the front & rear wheels are simply things of beauty, from both an engineering & asthetic standpoint. Take a close look at that front wheel. The hub of the wheel is hollow! The reduction of unsprung weight that ZTL enables is amazing. There’s no huge steel dinner plates on each side & the hub & spokes of the wheel are ever so slim since they do not need to carry the load of braking down to the hub then back out to the disc.

    Granted the large rotor needs some tender care, but I’ve ridden (& braked) many satifyingly twisty miles on Firebolt & 1125R versions. And by all rider reviews I’ve read the 1190 version of that brake is significantly improved and provides excellent braking even by superbike/track standards. In an 1190RS review from a couple years back the mag said somthing to the effect of: finally a perimiter brake that performs. Its true that EBR has had to work very hard on improving the heat generation, feel, & smoothness of the ZTL, but they have proven that it works in AMA & other series. I’m sure Erik & his team will have this setup licked with more a few more years of serious race experience. Cause lets face it, its hard to call AMA a “serious” series.

    Bravo EBR, Bring on WSBK, Best of luck…

  • Danno

    Perhaps EBR will work out a dual-ZTL setup to reduce heat generation on each rotor while still saving loads of weight in the casting of the wheel.

  • sideswipeasaurus

    Saw the upmarket R model at a bike show a couple years ago. Made the RSV4 Factory and the brand new to American eyes Panigale look positively cheap in comparison. That of course was built to the level of detail (if not tech/performance) only rivaled by Spies’ M1 also on display. This one will probably be more modest in materials and finish but good showing Mr. Buell. It has the numbers to compete, lets see if it has the poise to do the job. WSBK is ambitious. Good luck!

    Questions about this bike:
    1-Are those LED’s around the intake the headlight and not just marker lights? I am well familiar with latest tech high output LED’s but the are just light sources paired with the required reflectors to get distance projection. Am I missing something?

    2-A very attractive bike all around without the gimmicky looks of the Panigale but two things look wonky to my eyes.
    a)the side radiator fans hanging in full view. Couldn’t the bodywork side panel ducts extended a little bit to concealed them deeper inside the ducts?
    b) What’s up with the mismatched OEM wheels? Love the retro-pseudo comstar rear & get the whole idea of ZTL thin spokes up front but they could have come up with a design that at least looked like both wheels came from the same bike.

  • Jorge

    I hope the fans of Buell work some OT and buy these up. Wheels do look nice, reminds me of the MV rims but overall not seeing the detail needed to justify that price tag. Maybe something to slot between this and the uber 1199 would hit the spot. Some CNC machined parts (clutch cover and clutch+brake lever) and a MotoGP styled exhaust setup (race use only but comes with the bike sort of deal) would help sell the asking price.

  • Jake F.

    I guess those radiator fans double as leg warmers/burners on a cold/hot day. Living in Florida, I’m on the losing side of that value proposition.

  • That is quite the beaut.

  • Damo

    Well, that powerball drawing is tonight.

  • Judge

    I really, REALLY want to like this bike. The numbers (HP, lb, $) are great. But…

    Those brakes, WTF. Don’t do that. Looks like someone is trying to be 80s spaceship cool. My first reaction is to laugh, which is what I’d think everyone else is doing as I ride up on my new EBR.

    The exhaust seriously looks like an afterthought. Like “um, we’re out of money, so just tack some stupid can out the side, finished”. What’s it supposed to hang onto when I remove the rear sets? It really might be the ugliest exhaust of any sport bike on the market today. Look at all the room you have under the pillion. You were trying to make it fit up under there, right? Finish the job.

    The nose, side view = too pointy, ugly, no style. This I cannot put in words exactly. Just fix it.

    I am actually excited and very impressed that my list here is so short. If these things were that hard to change, or if my list was longer, I wouldn’t even bother writing it for you. Fix these things and you have yourself one more customer here. I can wait for your mid-cycle facelift. I’m ready when your bike is. And 1 last thing – never, ever, under any circumstances paint a bike yellow.

  • jack

    I’ve seen custom bikes with duel ZTL brakes. It just doesn’t make any sense that Eric Buell won’t put a similar setup on his bikes seeing that there is such a problem with heat buildup on the single disc system. The weight savings are surely not worth the reliability problems.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    TonUpJax, to answer your question: I think the brakes are shit…mate.

  • sean

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but exactly what motor is in this thing?
    Everything I looked at on the web had only v twin. Who’s v twin?

  • Gabe

    Can we be reasonable and reserve judgment on the brakes? After all, the EBRs are not under the scrutiny of Harley Davidson bean counters, it could definitely be built to a higher spec and from better materials. That’s the whole point of being a boutique manufacturer such as EBR.

    On the other hand, it’s so easy to hate anything different.

  • Danno

    @ sean:

    Welcome to the world of Erik. The engine is his. The inital version was developed and built by Rotax with significant input by Erik. After Harley shit canned “Buell” before he could develop the bike, Erik bought out most of the rights to the 1125R (precursor to this bike) and has since evolved it. Not excactly sure who manufactures the components now, but EBR owns the engine I believe.

  • Mr.X

    It looks like a nice ride, for sure, but stop acting like Harley screwed Buell, they lost ONE BILLION DOLLARS and he did nothing greatly impressive with it.
    For all of the great specs here, why did he once again make a visually awkward bike?
    Anyone can throw Rupees at something, where’s the brilliance?

  • Kevin

    “Ton Up Jax, the ZTL brakes are great marketing, but bad engineering. The single-rotor design produces so much heat that at some tracks teams are replacing the rotor after every session. If EBR wasn’t covering the cost of that sort of lunacy, these teams would have long ago replaced the ZTL with a normal dual-rotor setup.”

    Hmm, so by this logic when WSBK teams burn through an *engine* a race session their engines are considered bad engineering? Racing pushes every component on the bike to the max and most times, past their breaking point. A lot of parts are considered consumables and that’s what a brake rotor is. The cost of a brake rotor is $180; if that’s breaking the bank when you are going racing then you shouldn’t be racing.

    I guess you understand EBR or you don’t. Everything has pros and cons. The merits of the ZTL are on the interwebs. Hopefully Jensen, you’ll get to throw a leg over one of these bikes and report some firsthand news.

    This youtube example of a battle royale wouldn’t have been possible without the engineering that Eric and EBR have brought to their super bike that is at least 20 HP less then their competition.

  • Gabe

    I never expected an A&R post about EBR to have so many Erik haters and HD apologists.

    Harley Davidson, the company with so many defenders, has the following record:

    In the 60s, their entire idea of having a racing program consisted of having engineers measure parts by hand to utilize the ones with the better tolerance . I am fortunate to have met one of those engineers.

    In the 70s, their idea of racing was to buy an outside company and run it into the ground (Aermacchi)

    In the 80s, their idea of competition was to lobby to tariff 750cc out-of-country motorcycles and above

    They scavenged Buell’s superbike engine efforts to produce the Vrod engine

    Forced Buell to make the stupid Blast

    Couldn’t make their own superbike to compete with even street bikes (the VR1000s)

    Their best innovation of the 90s was to trademark their Vtwin rumble

    They wouldn’t let Rotax do the engine management for the 1125 engines, resulting in a finicky bike for their first year

    You can’t blame Buell for all the shortcomings of his bikes when in fact HD fought him on any chance to really innovate.

    Let’s just see how this 1190rx does before we write it off

  • jett black

    so many critics…makes me sick..have any of you bastards road a EBR ? my guess is no. so there you have it.

  • TheBrain

    Looks pretty cool and the specs are fairly impressive. I wish them strong sales and overall success!

  • eg


  • Slangbuster

    (Kevin) Outstanding video of Eslick, Young and May at Homestead.

  • TexusTim

    last comment on this…if his past bikes were out there on the track and competitive this wouldnt be such a debate but after all the hype not one bike wins anything anywere..except the lateset super bike and thats ama..not real world.
    so launch a new bike for the masses and the editors post says and I quote…”I wouldnt take it to the track with these brakes”…well is that what you want to hear when buying a 20.000 sport bike?
    the brakes are weak he is pushing failed tehcnology to the masses instead of after all this time knowing it’s weakness puts then on the first street bike he launches ?..get real man thats bull.
    why would you buy this when you can get a aprilla rsv4 and walk all over this bike…maybe this is why the superbike version hasnt made its way to wsbk…thats the test bed for factory superbikes to prove there metal and as far as Im concerned without upgraded brakes like brembo or even a 4 piston Tokico monoblock caliper would be vastly better…o there stock on both cbr 600 or 1000.
    he didnt even stager the rotors from front to back so the braking forces are different when turning right than my conclussion is he throws tons of money at these procjects to get one off bikes to win some races..this he uses to attract investors then puts outs out street versions that seems simular but are not at all comparabablea and then goes public (again) with street bikes will sell using the buy “american hook” and look at what you get for 20 grand a heavy bike that needs upgraded brakes right out of the box..and it reamins to be seen just how the street version performs in all other wont be long maybe 6 months well hear how the new diehard owners who keep going back for the same deal feel after they cant stop the thing after they heat up…my guess is it will have engine overheating problems in hot states..If I could talk to the man I would tell him…
    good playform but need to use proven brakes,and suspension or the bike is 8 grand over priced just to have an american sportbike..that not american its unamerican hook and bait tactic..the whole thing goes belly up in3 to 5 years just like all the other times….look the bikes overpriced and isnt even current brakes everyone else has stepped up the game in brakes and suspension he picked the front forks but left the rest old school…no thanks not going to line the mans pockets or help him payback investors just to see it all fail again…the proof is what he is trying to market as a superior american bike that the editor agrees would not be good on the track in its current form..just stupid to launch a bike with such a negative hangin on it right from the start..and thats before anyone even rides it !

  • It does look good, I’ll give you that… but it’s a fuckin BUELL! With a Harley-Davidson-based engine. So right there you’ve just handicapped out of the performance envelope of every other bike on Earth. I know some guys who modify Groms over in Asia, that would eat it for breakfast. :)

  • Actually, it’s a modified Rotax engine Aaron..

  • Grey Matter

    Wow, so many uneducated and ingnorant people here. First… this is the first mass production American Sport bike without the hand maiden HD controlling Erik’s every move. HD even forced Erik to put the radiator ‘pods” on the 1125 and a host of other bad decisions created this dark cloud over Buell when it was Buell. Secondly… I’m sure those who post negative or questionable comments about the bike have a masters degree in mechanical engineering so yeah, you guys know everything. The perimeter brake can only be on one side, otherwise there is no weight savings on the whole assembly itself not to mention the front wheel is the absolute lightest on the market produced by anyone. Thirdly… Look at who you’re comparing this bike to. Ducati, Aprilia, Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda. These manufacturers have been making bikes decades longer than Erik so for his first lone venture into the sportbike venue, I think this a damn good start. It’s only one bike, the first bike. I don’t remember any one of the big manufacturers making any huge strides in technology recently, I wouldn’t consider the cross-plane Yamaha or ABS a big inovation. The technology was always there, they were to scared to use it. I’m glad Erik isn’t afraid to push the envelope and for the record, the muffler on the side of the bike is there to meet EPA regulations on sound and who do you see now using Eriks mainstay, underslung exhaust system? Right…

  • So there is nothing even remotely Harley related in this bike any longer, right?

    Now if they had only done that 20 years ago, before completely and forever destroying their own brand, they might have actually created a profitable company that could compete in the market today. Now all they have to do is overcome the enormous brand resistant they worked so hard to build and consolidate over the years. I’d say the smart thing to do would be change the name. Notice you don’t see the name BUELL plastered all over the bike as in years past. Now it’s EBR, yeah that’s catchy, it’ll stick in the minds of consumers… they hope. But even if it doesn’t, so what, it’s not like they’ve ever had to turn profit, boutique businesses are like that sometimes, there’s always someone around willing to use it as a tax write off.

  • Damo


    You really don’t have a goddamn clue about why thing went the way they did with the original Buell brand, do you?

    You might want to take five minutes and google the “history of Buell under HD” before you come here spoutiing ignorant bullshit. I mean you still thought Erik was using Harley engines? WTF rock did you crawl out from under?

  • kevin


    Your ignorance precedes you. Your rectum should be jealous of all the crap coming out of your mouth.

  • westc

    From someone that has been racing the RS and testing this motorcycle, this bike is very impressive. Compared to its closest rivals, in stock form, this bike is quick. The Showa suspension is also very nice hardware and was built to suit this motorcycle with Showa engineers on hand at the racetrack. Before everyone wants to hate, be patient and RIDE this motorcycle once it comes to a dealer near you. EBR is no longer affiliated with the company that everyone is basing their opinions on, and I think that will be noticable one you throw a leg over the 1190RX and RIDE it. Notice that I keep putting emphasis on RIDING this motorcycle…. Then form your own opinion.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    I like Buell. I liked the bikes he built back when he was subjected to the stupidity at HD.

    My only issue was that damn brake. Granted that was then which is not now. But sheesh, for $20K the guy can’t just suck it up and say “ok, uncle. I’ll put a set of brembos on the bike.” I mean, c’mon, it’s $20 friggin K. For all the lovers of this bike, how many of you are taking half a day today so you can go shopping for a $20K bike?

    And for all the Buell fanboys out there, $20K puts that bike into some serious competitive waters so get used to critics.

    These arguments remind me of the electric bike fanboy arguments.

    Consumers will buy the best bike/per dollar. Period.

  • Derek

    That thing looks like a Hyosung! Not to mention, look at that sweet single side rotor! Those things warp at the drop of a hat. Can’t believe they are expecting to get almost $20K for that piece of crap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for an American motorcylce manufacturer but EBR missed the mark by a mile with this turd…

    Also, their customer service is potentially as bad as Comcast or DirecTV.

    Back to the drawing board Erik!

  • sburns2421

    Inevitably the 1190RX will be compared to the bikes of the previous Buell Motor Company and all the input Harley-Davidson had on the company before closing it.

    I tried the air-cooled Buells. Absolute piles of garbage. But later tried a then-new 1125R. Much closer but with a few quirks I didn’t want to have to put up with on a daily basis, most of them could be rectified to have a nice streetbike however.

    To me the 1190RX is closer to what I would want, but still misses the mark a bit, especially considering he is taking Ducati head on. The headlight area is less attractive than on the 1125R, although everything else looks better. The front brake has some merit in theory but it is not the solution to everything as it has been claimed now for a decade. Workable, but not magic. If EBR had a dual-disc option available, even if it was an cost option, most people would go for it. No one bought a Buell (or now EBR) because of ZTL, but some will NOT buy because of it.

    This brings me to perhaps the source of my frustration: Erik Buell himself. He has great ideas, but perhaps stubbornly sticks to them even in the face of evidence that they offer little performance advantage and a distinct marketing disadvantage. Perhaps this is why H-D kept him on a shortish leash for years, they recognized the need to put market acceptance over theoretical engineering. In their case their ineptitude at marketing performance bikes meant they still ran Buell into the ground, ironically right when the company was starting to hit its stride. But they might have had the right idea, just poor execution.

  • Wow, looks like we’ve got some Buell investors/suckers posting comments here, Don’t worry boys you didn’t need that money anyway. Lol

    That Rotax engine is impressive, but I used to work on Rotax engines, and they have a tendency to seize up on ya at the worst possible moment.

    If Eric Buell was the latter day Howard Hughes of the motorcycle Industry, the Japanese would’ve stolen his designs and perfected them long ago. My guess is you’ll be able to leave these EBR bikes sitting out most anywhere, even in the worst neighborhoods, and no one will lay a finger on em. :)

  • Ape Factory

    Dear Suzuki,
    Sorry for making my bike look so much like yours.

    Dear Kawasaki,
    Sorry for making my bike look so much like yours.

    Dear Honda….

    Still, I’d hit it.

  • Peter D

    Like everything else EBR does, very interesting air scoops to cool the front ZTL brakes. Deliving cool air right at the point of friction may be a good idea. Will have to wait and see how effective it is.

  • buellracerx

    most hotly-debated mc brand ever?

    After you’ve touted an innovation for as long as Erik has, you’ve got to stick with it regardless of whether it works or not. Or you go to great lengths to make it work – enter air duct

  • Torn7th

    Exotic yes. Price is insane considering the R1,BMW,KTM, and Ducati come with better components for less price….

  • Torn7th

    Im not knocking on anything but, 18k is ….well just stupid.. No brembo,no ohlins nor showa, and what the hell is with the 21 setting traction control? Really? If you want to be competitive well then price the bike like it. Styling is ok . Like the small subframe but still needs some work up front. Good looking bike but, itll be hard to sell 18k to the riders now ….

  • Wait, someone remind me…how much is a base model Panigale again??

  • I’ve never seen Jensen defend a product so vociferously in these threads, did someone convince you to make an investment in the company Mr. Beeler? Do you know something about these bikes that we don’t know, have you ridden the bike, have some first-hand experience to relate? I’d like to hear from someone who’s actually been on one of these and can tell me how it compares too other comparable motorcycles.

    What is the difference between a Buell and a Ducati, let’s all see what we can come up with. How about a proven history of successful manufacturing going back 87 years, and they’ve been making motorcycles since the end of World War II. And through those years how many innovations have they been responsible for, innovations that everyone eventually copied? How many successful track bikes have they produced, how many successful production bikes have they produced? A nearly unbroken record of continuous success coming out of their ability to learn from failures, demonstrating an ability to make good decisions most of the time. A quality that is paramount in any company. Certainly they backslide on occasion, but hey they’re Italian, nobody rests on their laurels like Italians. :-)

    What has Eric Buell learned from his failures, and one folded company? How about his decision-making ability, can it compare?

    How far did Ducati come between 1944 and 1974, their first 30 years of production, from a business and innovation standpoint? Compare that to Eric Buell and his first 30 years between now and 1983. How far did the Japanese manufacturers come between 1983 and today? Just as in biology, a company’s success is measured in its ability to evolve and adapt. Those who can’t learn and change quickly enough, go the way of the dinosaur.

    I’d love to see an American-made Motorcycle manufacturer emerge and become successful building serious sport bikes for the street and track, but the only way to do that is with someone who can put together a team of people that can do what Americans do best, innovate and move the bar forward. Can Eric Buell accomplish this from his experiences thus far? Maybe, but I have yet to see evidence that proves it to me. I appreciate the fact that he hasn’t given up, and seems to be moving in the right direction, but at this pace we won’t see a truly competitive line of motorcycles until somewhere around 2045.

  • It’s spelled Erik.

  • Gabe

    This is a very entertaining comment thread, with delusional barely literate monkeys debating the difference between a small company and a global one. Me included.

    Some of you would benefit from a healthy sense of proportion. Others, from a basic education.

    I’ve rode a bike with ZTL. It was fine, it didn’t kill me, or warp the rotor, or do anything terrible. How many of you criticizing the bike would even take an 18k bike to the track? How many of you do that now?

    Aaron. You look like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Like Erik the Viking, that was a farce as well.

  • Danno

    @ Aaron,

    How can you possibly be such an authority on Erik & his bikes when you don’t even know that he’s been divested of Harley for 3 years now, & has been racing his bikes that entire time? You’ve made it very obvious you know nothing of the topic and are no more intelligent than all those above who mark a bike’s worth simply by the brand of brakes it wears.

    Please stop wasting space on this page.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    – Abe Lincoln

    +1 Gabe.

  • Grey Matter

    There will always be the people who talk smack about the brakes or the motor or the looks. Fact in point is, no one has ridden it, raced it or for the few, sat on it. I think there are haters just wating to pounce on this bike just because they own a Suzuki or a Yami and to say they are similar is irrational. The bikes couldn’t be more different. I don’t see an R1 getting 50 mpg and I don’t see Suzuki doing and damned thing that is making their product different or better for the last 10 years. The RX has the highest torque rating of ANY bike in it’s class. A CBR 1000 makes, at it’s peak, 82lb/ft of torque, this thing makes 102!! Look at the numbers people, it does mean something but if you like to ride what every other swinging schlong is riding, well, maybe you belong on a GSXR or a ZX just like the squid down the street.

    Aaron.. if you went to motorcycle school, we think you should go back. Some of your facts about Duc are correct but, the only mistake Erik is guilty of is letting HD get the majority share of Buell way back in the day. Erik didn’t make the dicisions, Hitler Harley did and they killed Buell, not Erik. Maybe you should look up the B2/barracuda that Erik was developing before HD chopped Buell’s head off. HD didn’t want him to build it because it had a “full fairing”. How idiotic is that? The evidence you are looking for has resided in the AMA with the 1190RS for the last two years competing againt all of the cookie cutter brands and it has succeeded only two years since rolling off the line. Now, go do your homework, eat your veggies and come back to me with something that isn’t complete garbage. Btw.. google works well for fact finding.

  • Gabe

    I want to point out something goofy about this bike: The rear wheel has the spokes in a star pattern, the front one has parallel beams.

  • Kevin

    I glad someone noticed something other than the brake! Some might call the wheels “goofy” but they look pimp to me and it’s that out-of-the-box thinking that is redefining how to make bikes lighter.

    Quote from about the RS but is applicable to the RX just without the magnesium.

    All-new “hubless” cast-magnesium wheels-the latest example of Buell’s typically radical innovation-contribute to that remarkable weight loss. “During FEA [finite element analysis] the hub is always dead; it never lights up,” Buell explains. “The only reason the hub is there is for manufacturing ease. Our wheels are extremely hard to cast, but they are the lightest in the world. The front weighs just 5.5 lbs.” The latest-and much improved-version of Buell’s rim-mounted Zero Torsional Load (ZTL) front brake further reduces unsprung weight, saving almost 10 lbs. compared to the lightest dual-disc setup, Buell says.

    Read more:

  • Judge

    MV Agusta and Erik Buell Racing = a match made in heaven? They both have what the other desperately needs.

    Except a dealer network, neither has a dealer network. Never mind.

  • Danno

    +1 Judge; I like MV as well.

    @ Gabe/Kevin
    Yeah the wheels are sorta mis-match. But if you look closely at the rear wheel its actually two three point stars 60 degrees staggered to each other. One lands on the left side of the drastically redcued hub and the other on the right. Very interesting to see in person. There’s nothing else like it out there.

  • There is something like it out there. I have a cast wheel on the back and a spoke wheel on the front of my supermoto.

    I think Erik Buell got his wheels from Ebay as well.

  • Hayabrusa

    It IS an American sport bike – so now we have our own sport bike and sport-touring bike (MOTUS, anyone?), not to mention a zillion cruisers and custom manufacturers. Since we are the greatest nation on earth (regardless of who wants to harp on that), it’s about damn time we have our own, functional motorcycle industry with some choices. The only con to Erik’s bike is that it LOOKS like any other sportbike. I guess it’s hard to be too distinct when the sportbike ‘look’ is etched in stone.

  • Teams

    @Gabe I doubt your eBay wheels are similar…

    These are the 1190RS Magnesium wheels, but should be similar to the aluminum RX wheels.


    Rear wheel detail:

  • Norm G.

    re: “After all, the EBRs are not under the scrutiny of Harley Davidson bean counters, it could definitely be built to a higher spec and from better materials. ”

    took the words right out of my mouth. good ideas can be ruined by poor execution.

  • ManuFromParis

    I totally agree with Greymatter !
    I am totally amazed by the work done with so little budget and team. Guys like EB that achieve projects like the 1190RX deserve respect, whatever the bike’s sales figures and success in competition.
    It may never compete with GSXR ? So what ? Should we burn those bikes right now ? Should EBR close the worshop and company right now ?
    Today is the accomplishment of a dream EB have had since the very begining, and I am also amazed he still has it, when he reads such comments as above. I am ashamed for some of them.
    If dreamers like Mister Erik Buell never work for their dreams to come through, the world would be very boring.
    Another building adventure is going on in France for a french motoGP and we can read the same frustrated comments, just because the approach is different. What a shame !
    Please visit

    Long life to dreamers, long life to EBR !

    I wish i had the money to get a 1190RX to go with the iconic 1998-S1 I own and that is my pride and joy !

  • Norm G.

    re: “why would you buy this when you can get a aprilla rsv4 and walk all over this bike”

    ummn, because it’s American…?

    granted you have “texus” in your name (implying Americana), but let’s be honest, that’s a ruse… yes…?

  • Norm G.

    re: “Not exactly sure who manufactures the components now”

    survey says…!!! (*ding*, board flips over) still BRP/Rotax. you don’t go fixing that which isn’t broken. warranty claims can bankrupt a company.

  • Gidgester31

    While I appreciate the discussion regarding aesthetics, the design of the front wheel / brake combo and its subsequent reduction to both unsprung and rotating (gyroscopic) mass is probably THE key reason to be excited about this bike. Imagine riding a liter bike that steers & flicks into and out of corners more or less like a 250cc class sportbike… if the 1190RX steers anything like the 1190RS that predates it, feeling this kind of steering response will now be a very real (quasi-affordable!) option for many people. Upon testing the 1190RS, Cycle World called it the greatest sportbike they had ever tested due (primarily) to its handling properties. If the wheels did not look as they do, you would not achieve this benefit to its fullest extent!

    Regarding the concerns over the 1190RX’s suspension quality, have we collectively forgotten that the Showa Big Piston Fork has widely been given accolades by all who have tested it in the press; with many stating that its blend of ride control and compliance rival that of an Ohlins?

    All of this, combined with the 100 ft. lbs. of torque should make the EBR a VERY compelling ride!

  • I wouldn’t trust any motorcycle publication on the evaluation of a new bike, Or any bike for that matter. All have been compromised, the entire motorcycle industry press has become nothing more than another marketing tool for products. Every one is owned by some subsidiary company of another company through a spiderweb of connections designed specifically to protect the anonymity of the true ownership. So that no one can cast aspersions on their credibility, and the credibility of the people they control in the Corporate owned press, writers, editors and publishers. Just as in the car business, and the press that reports on it, one thing is certain, someone is always getting quietly greased behind-the-scenes.

    Today far more money is spent on marketing and PR Initiatives than ever goes into actual R&D. Why build a better product, when you can simply get someone, either in the company itself or in the press, to undercut your competitors product or talk up your product, which is far cheaper. So what if the buying public eventually catches on, by then sales have been made and profit goals for that quarter achieved.

    Just one person, one person who isn’t being paid, one person who doesn’t have a financial interest in this company or it’s backers, one person who knows motorcycles, One person willing to put a name and face behind their words, one person who puts their personal credibility on the line, to tell me how this bike rides. Anyone got the stones? Anyone?

    Is there one righteous man left in Sodom & Gomorrah, or do the sodomites own everyone now.

  • Norm G.

    re: “Yeah the wheels are sorta mis-match. But if you look closely at the rear wheel its actually two three point stars 60 degrees staggered to each other.”

    I declare this individual has an eye for detail (I like that). he is correct. that comstar pattern you see is just an illusion. even I didn’t notice it the first 3 times I saw the RS in person. it wasn’t until my 4th time seeing one which was only a few months ago.

    “book ’em danno”

  • Norm G.

    re: “Just one person, one person who isn’t being paid, one person who doesn’t have a financial interest in this company or it’s backers, one person who knows motorcycles, One person willing to put a name and face behind their words, one person who puts their personal credibility on the line, to tell me how this bike rides. Anyone got the stones? Anyone?

    i’ll be your huckleberry.

  • gabe

    I nominate Aaron to buy this bike with his own money, then review and report “the truth”

    Tinfoil helmet optional.

  • Erik Buell, ‘Stimulator mode’

    If only he had a team of the right people around him, and allowed someone more suited to make the business decisions, has he done it this time? The Vegas odds are not good. Place your bets.

  • Danno

    I guess it takes one (a “stimulator”) one to know one, eh A.B.B?

    Your novella detailing how the Erik Buell motorcycle conglomerate is paying off the media to prop up his pyramid scheme of a business model goes far to prove my point regarding your content here, now please strive as hard to heed my advice. I’m sure that will prove much more difficult for you.

    & for those who are curious about such things; I actually do have a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, AND ride a bike with that “shitty” perimeter brake. The 1125R is by far the most bike one can get for the $7000 I paid and would have been pretty dang nice for the $10K MSRP. That little windfall was the best thing I’ve ever gotten from the MoCo. The 2nd best is free coffee & popcorn which is still not as good as the BWM dealer BTW.

  • I get it from the haters, comeing from Japanese sportbike land myself, but this isn’t an XB. You want to see fair competition? Here’s the RS, the RX’s development mule running with the big boys, Eric Bostrum is the test rider. The RS, the Panigale S & the RSV-4, all within a half second of each other. Watch the vid, read the comments, nowhere does E-Boz whine about the brakes. He does say it’s down on power- the new bike adds 10hp and drops $20,000.

    Motorcyclist 2012 Superbikes vid-

    Motorcyclist 2012 Superbikes Test-

    Yes, the ZTL on the XB is crap, but it’s a sport standard, not meant to be raced as stock. The 1125R has the XB rotor (but the modern 8 piston caliper) and it’s the one weak point on the bike. It’s fine on the street, but not up to raceing. That was six years ago, you pathetic, whining snobs. I just scuffed my rotor and put on good pads. One finger stoppies & it would be OK for a track day. But not racing. The ZTL on the RX is the same one on the RS, which is the same one I’m one I’m gonna order from EBR for my ’25…because it’s the SAME ONE THEY USE IN AMA SUPERBIKE, AND THE SAME ONE THEY WILL USE IN IN WORLD SUPERBIKE NEXT YEAR. Go buy a gixxer and ask them for their pro Superbike kit brakes- you’re not gonna get ’em.

    The 1125R motor was built by Rotax, completely built to Erik’s spec. They bought the rights, and the tooling, next year the engines will be built in Wisconsin. IT MAKES AS MUCH TORQUE AS A CBR1000RR- AT 6000RPM. It is tied with the Panigale R for th most powerful “liter class” engine in the world. There is no HARLEY DVIDSON FAGGERY here. WTF are youpeople smoking? Can’t you READ?

    PRICE- 18-20 grand- That’s as much as a loaded S1000RR-HP4, an RSV-4, an MV Agusta or a Panigale-S. And it’s TEN THOUSAND LESS than the Panigale R.

    And YES HD did hold them back- when they make you do things specifically to make the bike “not compete” with the Japanese, that’s hamstringing. The huge frontal section on the 1125? The pods? All HD. They owned 51% of Buell, that’s controlling interest, morons. When you force a guy who wants to race to use cruiser engines, take his R&D budget for his engine, add 200lbs and put it in the V-Rod, force them to develop the crappy Blast engine at a massive cost- that they don’t even want. There’s twenty years of HD hamstinging Buell. He designed the fuel in frame system back in the mid 80’s- Harley was too stupid to let him build it and went with the R1000 whatever pathetic roadracer- which they brought Erik back in to try to “Fix their FKUCKUP”, halfway through but it was too late.

    And yes, with a few minor mods to correct HD’s cheapery, my 6K 1125R runs with your brand new Gixxer, bone stock, and you have no hope against a modern EBR.

    See you pussies at the track.

  • hello america

    in terms of performance, we will see the results in wsbk.

    so, the traction-control is a development by erik buell racing? hopefully, that thing works. and why is there no abs? will there be dealers in europe?

    the brake-rotors are obviously and undoubtly installed the wrong way on the product-pics and at the release show, which is embarrassing. compare it to how the rotors are installed at the race-bikes and the rs website.

  • Grey Matter

    Brake rotors on backwards..hmm. I suppose you spoke to EBR about this and verified this mojar over sight right? Seems to me that there is a design change since ever single picture you can find of the RX has the rotors mounted that way. Yes, it is “opposite” from the RS but, I very highly doubt it matters much. The rotor contains no offset like typical radial rotors so the only thing different is the slot direction. Secondly, ABS is nice but I’m strongly against it. I feel it promotes poor riding habbits due to it’s touted safety. Will it prevent a low side, typically not. Will it prevent a high side, nope, unless under braking but it will only control wheel lock. Maybe I’m old school but if you’re old school, you would know how and who (the actual person/people) developed the EBR traction control. You might be surprised and yes it is “in-house”. The info is out there for you to find.

  • hello america

    a brake-rotor like this is designed to shovel the dirt, buildup and water AWAY from the caliper, not INTO the caliper, agree?

    this rotor, i’m using on my 1125 also is just the same as on the rs.

    and abs will be required by law by 2016 in europe, no matter how good and old school you are.

    i think, you have never ridden a bike like the rsv4 aprc…oh, that thing is so perfect…and will be a hard enemy in wsbk.

    and if the ecm producer ids has developed the tc, i will never ever buy this thing. and i’m really keen to see that first tests…from reitwagen in austria…

  • Woody

    WOW, I cannot believe how ignorant most who are posting here. The brakes are fine, in racing may have to be replace more often, should get a few years + on the street. I love how everyone has all these opinions on racing and have never a part of the race scene (club racing doesn’t count. I wrenched for pro teams and at a national/world level. I would put Eric against any engineer, engine builder developer. He’s in the top 5. His whole time working with Harley he had to deal with 50 year old tech (who else could develope a sporty rngine to put out twice the hp of all Harley air-cooled engines! Harley was afraid or stupid or both. Because they knoew or felt that Buell would mek the rest of teh mark looks like crap. Not an opinion, just fact. nice lazy couch for cruising, but performance… never.

    All I have to say is WSB teams should take notice and be definitely afraid. Regardless it will be an interesting fight! :-)

  • Bone

    ….and forever more I’ll skip the comments on Asphalt and Rubber….yeesh.