Enigma 1050 – Britain’s Kit Motorcycle

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Former British moto-journalist Jim Lindsay is behind one of the more intriguing motorcycle projects in the UK right now. Working from the list of contacts he’s made covering the motorcycle industry, Lindsay and his crew are building the Enigma 1050, a Triumph Speed Triple-powered custom sport bike.

Collaborating with the minds that bring us Tigcraft, K-Tech Suspension, Promach , and Dymag, the pedigree behind the Engima 1050 is already a promising one, but what intrigues us the most is that the Enigma crew is considering offering the bike as a kit build, in addition to a finished ready-to-ride motorcycle.

Like Legos for grown-ups (one could argue that you never out-grow Legos), a kit-built Enigma 1050 sounds like the ultimate Christmas present for the motorcycle enthusiast in your household. Unfortunately however, it won’t be in time for Christmas 2011, as the Enigma team is still finalizing the design and parts for the Enigma 1050. Recently completing the 8kg(!) frame, and beginning work on the swingarm, it’s hoped that the first Enigma 1050 will be completed by April 2012, where it will begin testing.

The final aesthetic of the Enigma 1050 is still up in the air, though we like what we’re seeing here already from the team. If the Enigma 1050 is a success, we could very well see more models from this rag-tag crew of motorcycle manufacturers. But baby steps first, it’ll be interesting to watch this bike unfold. You can check-in on Enigma’s progress on its website.

Source: Enigma via The Kneeslider