EIMCA: Husqvarna SMQ Concept

11/05/2008 @ 2:44 pm, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS


So….this is the Husqvarna SMQ. It is a whole new type of motorcycle called a “supermoto”. Read after the jump why that statement is slightly off, but doesn’t detract from eye-catchingly strange concept.


Excuse me, Husqvarana…but I believe you’ve been making this “supermotos” for the past few years? Nevermind that, what we have here is still fine exploration of design and technology. That front? Behind that resides the bikes radiator. It is a very polished design that looks like it could actually be produced (or at least elements of it). The SMQ uses a 450cc single-cylinder engine that is produced for BMW in Taiwan. Rumors have it though that a 630cc power plant would be shoehorned into the frame if the bike were to actually seen an assembly line. There’s no certainty if that means there will be a 450cc version and a more “unlimited class” compliant version, or if Huskqvarna is just musing which motor to move along with.

Is that a snowshoe on your headlight, or are you just happy to see me?

  • BikePilot

    Interesting. Looks like an effort to make something more suitable for daily commuting than supermoto track riding. That would also explain why they are using the BMW mills rather than the competition oriented Husqvarna powerplant. I’d love to see something small/light like this, but with forced induction and making Ducati HM-like power.

  • BikePilot

    The radiator placement reminds me of my first motorcycle. A 1982 Yamaha YZ80. It was Yamaha’s first attempt at a liquid cooled MX bike. The radiator was fork mounted. The advantage was it kept the bike slim and pretty crash-proof. Downside is it was extra weight, very high and forward and as the fluid was pumped though the frame it tended to leak out of the steering head seals.

  • Jenny Gun

    Do you really thing the supermoto market needs to be segmented further?

    *note: i might actually agree if you say yes, just wanted to start a discussion ;)