EICMA: Bimota DB7 Oronero

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The DB7, in typical Bimota fashion, is a work of art built around a solid power plant. So how does a small boutique firm improve upon the design? They make the bike completely out of carbon fiber. That’s how, more after the break.

Weighing in at 164kg and putting down 164bhp, the Bimota DB7 Oronero boasts the tech sheet golden benchmark of a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio. This is achieved through the obvious obandant use of carbon fiber parts in lieu of the traditional aluminum. The motor on the Oronero remains the same from the base DB7 (with a more free-flowing exhaust adding an additional 2bhp to the mix), making this mostly a free Italian tutorial on bulemic weight reduction for a motorcycle (the base DB7 weighs in at 170kg…for the non-metric inclined that’s a 13.2lbs diet). As if a rediculous amount of carbon and titanium wasn’t enough, the Oronero includes petal-shaped brake discs up front, a fully digital multi-function instrumentation cluster, a data logger, and an integrated GPS system.

And oh…it looks really good.

It will be hard to get your hands on Oronero though, with only 10 being produced and costing €40,000 (that’s $52,000 USD at today’s market close) it will cost you more than a weekend slushfest in Cinque Terre to own one of these beauties. But, it’s worth it, right?

Source: Moto-Station

Excuse me, but can I get it in a color other than black?