E-Raw Electric Motorcycle Concept by Expemotion

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Over the past few years, the electric motorcycle segment has been a playground for industrial designers to think outside of the box, especially when it comes to challenging traditional motorcycle design.

The Mission One, MotoCzysz E1pc, and Xenophya Design EV-0RR come to mind when thinking about the more interesting design experiments we’ve seen from the E2V crowd, though there are certainly others we are missing.

The Expemotion E-Raw concept reminds us of those earlier bikes, where the design conventions of the internal combustion crowd are deemed irrelevant for an electric two-wheeler. Maybe that’s why the E-Raw has a laminated wood seat.

Though the saddle on the E-Raw is especially unique, Expemotion included a fairly conventional, if not downright simple, steel tube chassis design for the rest of the machine.

Naturally of course, the dash is your smartphone, while the motor looks to be an air-cooled design with a belt final drive.

We’re not sure how one grips the bike with their legs, but we’ll give Expemotion high marks for creativity and aesthetics on the E-Raw. What do you think?








Source: Expemotion via Bikes in the Fast Lane