Gone Riding: Ducati XDiavel S

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Coming to the end of two weeks straight on the road, our final stop is in San Diego, CA for the international press launch of the Ducati XDiavel power cruiser.

Like its sibling and namesake, the Ducati Diavel, the XDiavel blurs the line between sport bike and cruiser, showing the Italian brand’s interpretation of an ubiquitous American motorcycling concept.

The XDiavel treads further into the cruiser segment than the Diavel does though, and as such it features feet-forward controls, a belt final drive, a teardrop-shaped gas tank, and a 240-width rear tire.

Bologna hopes that we will still regard the XDiavel as “true” Ducati though, with its Testastretta DVT 1262 v-twin engine producing 156hp, while making its peak torque of 95 lbs•ft at only 5,000 rpm.

Upping the performance factor is a suite of electronics: traction control, cornering ABS, launch control, wheelie control, ride-by-wire, and an IMU.

Will all of this make a power cruiser we wish we had in our garage? Well, that’s why we ride these things. So far though, the initial impression is favorable. Photos don’t do the lines of the XDiavel justice. I’m still not sure it’s my cup of tea, but we’ll let the brew marinate a bit longer, and see how it tastes.

If you have questions about the Ducati XDiavel and XDiavel S, leave them in the comments section and I will try to answer them from the road, or chase down a Ducati employee who knows the answer.

If you’re the watching type, you can follow our thoughts on the XDiavel live via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You can also try searching for the hashtags: #XDiavel for the thoughts of our colleagues as well.

Spec-Sheet Comparison of Premium Power Cruiser Motorcycles:

Ducati XDiavel S Ducati Diavel Carbon Harley-Davidson VROD Yamaha VMAX
Displacement 1,262cc 1,198cc 1,247cc 1679cc
Engine 90° V-Twin 90° V-Twin 60° V-Twin 65° V-Four
Power 156 hp 162 hp 122 hp 174 hp
Torque 95 lbs•ft 96 lbs•ft 87 lbs•ft 113 lbs•ft
Wet Weight 545 lbs 516 lbs 673 lbs 683 lbs
Electronics LC, WC, TC, ABS, RbW TC, ABS, RbW ABS ABS, RbW
Price $22,995 $21,895 $16,449 $17,999


















Photos: Ducati

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