Ducati VR|46 Concept by Steven Galpin

03/14/2014 @ 5:43 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS


One of the more compelling designs we have seen grace our pixels lately, today’s concept sketch is by young automotive designer Steven Galpin, and harkens back to when MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi was still a part of Ducati Corse’s GP program.

Imagining a special edition version of the Ducati 1199 Panigale, a bike whose “frameless” monocoque chassis is based off the Ducati Desmosedici race bike, Galpin has smoothed out the lines of the Italian superbike, creating something entirely different, though clearly related to the Panigale.

A quick glance at Galpin’s drawings, and you may be wondering where the Ducati’s underslung exhaust has gone (it’s a noticeable hole on the bike’s clean lines). We suggest you train your eye onto the concept’s swingarm, as an integrated exhaust has been added to the single-sided swingarm.

Galpin’s work is intriguing, and should satiate some of the issues that people have had with the Panigale’s busy bodywork; however, the Ducati VR|46 brings its own criticisms as well (we’re not so sure about its 2018 delivery date either). Overall though, we like what Galpin has done here — sometimes less is more. Thanks for the tip Nik!








Source: Steven Galpin (Coroflot)

  • Coreyvwc

    So how exactly is hot air supposed to escape from the engine bay with all the fairing vents gone?
    And those equal length headers (rear cylinder exhaust loop), are they gone too?

    Would make for a great looking electric bike though!

  • i’m following you since years now and i told you this to understand that i;m not that kind of s*** eater on websites, and i appreciat eyour work, though.. this render is present online even before Panigale was launched :)
    is not new at all. :)

  • Norm G.

    give it an advanced MkII combat chassis (read full trellis) and i’m in.

  • Tinman

    So the Panigale is inspired by a Desmosedici done justice by Casey Stoner and now Vale gets the credit for being an inspiration? Oh justice, wherefore art thou hidden?

  • BBQdog

    The strange thing about the Panigale design is that the rear wheel doesn’t seem to belong/attached to the bike or at least isn’t in line with the bike (picture 2). A double sided swingarm would solve this.

  • BBQdog

    And the front does look way too much Honda CBR 1000 RR.

  • smiler

    Loath to criticise people’s hard work crating something but it really does not ad up as a concept. Aesthetically it looks alright but technically it seems to fall short. Good effort though

    The sketches are great though.

    Rossi, is gone. The Pan will get an upgrade before 2018. Smoothness was in on the 998 but no longer.
    Too little venting, the swing arm would be much too heavy, shock access, chain gunk fouling, sprocket changes…….

  • The racing King Ducati……!!!!
    Ducati VR|46 concept looks different, and the most eye catching part is its rear wheel …. !!
    thanks for sharing this such a great stuff ….

  • Norm G.

    re: “technically it seems to fall short”

    correct, no trellis.

  • Paul McM

    Honestly, the original looks better:


    And why hide the underbelly cans? They are an important design feature (and a smart move by Ducati after years of the underseat exhaust nonsense).

    As for Mr. Galpin, this effort is uninspired to say the least. Maybe he should go back to re-styling Trabant econoboxes: http://www.coroflot.com/stevengalpin/Trabant

  • I love the ideas, can’t agree with the aesthetic decisions. BBQdog hit it on the nail…it looks like an old Honda. No design effort should ever look outdated before it is presented even at the risk of looking concept-ish or futuristic. Unfortunately, though reasonably attractive, it is not breaking any new ground aesthetically which is the sole job of a designer. I’d recommend to this young designer to focus more on building integrity to an innovative or inventive style language then make sure the proportions and detailing are type appropriate. This looks like, again, a Japanese 600 CC from 5 years ago.

  • proudAmerican

    Why on earth would Rossi re-associate himself with Ducati, or vice versa?

    Rossi hated his Ducati and voiced his displeasure quite a few times. Ducati was embarrassed that one of their riders would air the team’s/machine’s dirty laundry (unlike the classy boy from Owensboro who was always the good team employee, and quiet diplomat.)

    Have we all forgotten how quickly VR ran away from Ducati when his painful 2-year contract finally expired?

  • madmadh

    it looks very similiar to GTA IV Double T!

  • rt

    LOL. Associating a bike with a rider who has an abysmal record when riding for them. And as Tinman said Stoner doesn’t get credit. The designer did well by using vr46’s brand to get media exposure.

  • Racerxdog

    Ducati can go phuck off!! With no acknowledgement of the GREAT Casey Stoner and all of their years of constant cheating and whinning in WSBK!!! Always needing a HUGE displacement advantage over everyone else. That’s the only reason they won all of those titles except for the years when they were forced to play fair with everyone else. The years they raced the 998F and 999F.

  • alex

    It looks like one of the bikes in the proposal is a MV Agusta and NOT a Ducati.

  • Looks so much better than what Ducati released, the bike looks better without their bodywork, at least this is clean. Who wants the best bike on the planet if it looks like sh-t?

    Jebus Chris Christie you can’t say sh-t here anymore either WTF!!!!

  • Bicho

    But,but,it would not work……….so,where is the difference with the original bike?Same spineless architecture…..8)

  • sideswipeasaurus

    The exhaust integrated into the swingarm is inspired. While this is just a concept drawing for conversation and thought (or picking the living hell out of as above) there’s some novel thinking in this.
    Equal length pipes?=different length of channels in the swingarm that double as webbing reinforcement. How about instead of flexi pipes to connect headers use internal manifolds of the cases exiting into the swingarm via a hollow pivot joint? Issues may come up regarding heat affecting bearings and routing of those manifolds but innovation starts with inspiration and this rendering is well inspired.

    I agree that the VR46 part or anything to do with Stoner should be dropped. Both are history. The future is something else. If we’re going to project in the future how a bout the Scott Redding edition?