Ducati Please Make This: Ducati Streetfighter Corse

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When Ducati released its Corse themed Superbikes at Milan last year, we knew the Italian company was onto something special. With ample carbon fiber, aluminum tanks, and a tasteful amount white and red paint, the Corse livery sets itself apart from the rest of the Ducati line as being the pinnacle of the Italian company’s offering.

So when we saw the “Corse” Multistrada 1200S that took place in Pikes Peak, we were equally excited, and begged Ducati North America to make a race replica model (we’re still begging them by the way). While Ducati might take a little more convincing, some owners have taken things into their own hands. Enter into the picture Finishing Touch 4U‘s Ducati Streetfighter Corse.

The same paint slingers that made the Martini Ducati 1098S for Ducati North America, Finishing Touch 4U has taken their prowess, and imagined what a Streetfighter done up in the carbon, white, and red livery would look like if Ducati made such a motorcycle. We think the result is gorgeous, and with a Streetfighter sitting in the A&R garage, we’re already getting some very naughty ideas.