The Ducati Streetfighter lives for another year, as Ducat is showing off the Ducati Streetfighter 848 as a 2015 model year machine at the EICMA show in Milan.

There had been doubts about the Streetfighter 848 continuing to be a part of the Ducati lineup going forth, especially as the Italian company has moved away from the 849cc v-twin platform, favoring the 821cc engine variations for the Hypermotard the Monster lines, and the 899cc Superquadro for the Panigale.

The Streetfighter was never a big hit in the world market, becoming more of a cult classic machine amongst riders. Combined sales with the Hypermotard account for roughly 20% of Ducati’s annual sales, with the Hypermotard doing the majority of the heavy-lifting in that regard.

Because of that weak sales performance, it’s expected that Ducati will ultimately retire the Streetfighter line, rather than update it with the Superquadro engine found on the Panigale, or the Testastretta 11° DSTestastretta 11° DVT engine found on the Ducati Diavel and Ducati Multistrada, respectively.

That might be a shame, because the streetfighter segment is just now starting to see some good competition. The KTM 1290 Super Duke R has blown away many riders with its raw power and approachable riding style. The new Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR also impresses, with its 175hp and class-leading electronics.

Whether those machines encourage or discourage Ducati is a matter of debate, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see 2015 as the last year of the Streetfighter 848. The venerable naked bike is already on borrowed time.








Photos: Ducati

  • ZootCadillac

    Would not have been sad to see it go this year. Only ever popular with Americans and a few Germans. Not my cup of tea at all. But apparently fantastic to ride.

  • Nick

    The Streetfighter was one of the most brilliant bikes they have ever built. Now it’s the last standing of an era when Ducati’s bikes were raw and visceral. It was niche, and only a lucky few knew of it’s charisma. Even though it was not the Ducati for me, I’ve always been an admirer and every ride I’ve had on one was memorable. Glad it lives on another year.

  • Andrey

    Your generalizing about buyer groups but are correct about the riding experience.

    You are correct. Just as the old Sports and Supersports of the 70’s were difficult, uncompromising, idiosyncratic machines that generated the cult following Ducati now enjoy, so the SF range (especially the 1098) fulfilled the same role. Markets and customers do change though…
    Regardless I believe Ducati have made a strategic error in scaling back on this niche just as others work to expand it.

  • Andrey

    Damn autocorrect software crap….. Zoot not soot!

  • eg

    I have ridden a few monsters and owned 696’s, monster 1100s, 1100 Evo, 1199, SF 848 and the mighty 1098 Sf and I must say my favorite was the 1098 sf and next was the 848. Its also amazing looking and pure hooligan: its the last raw ducati built. Shame on you Ducati for eliminating this line nothing they have now excites me.

  • Random

    One of the most beautiful non-faired Ducatis (at least for me) and apparently ahead of time (again), just as the Sports Classics. Ducati should just assign the SF designer to refresh the next Multistrada.

  • eg

    I have ridden a few monsters and owned 696’s, 916, monster 1100s, 1100 Evo, 1199, SF 848 and the mighty 1098 Sf and I must say my favorite was the 1098 sf and next was the 848. The 1098 was a thrill, amazing looking and pure hooligan: its the last raw ducati built. Shame on you Ducati for eliminating this line nothing they have now excites me which is not to say they do not still build good bikes.

    Just as Andrey said: the machines that all created the cult following are all being axed and being axed quickly. in less than a decade, we’ve lost the SS, SF, air cooled, dry clutch and many more attributes that kept some of our juices flowing. And oh, did i mention we lost the monster? All we have now is a diavel sport trying to fill its shoes. Leaving this niche hanging has just opened room for likes like myself to explore KTM ranges such as the 1290 SDR.

  • paulus

    This thing just never lit my fire. It somehow just looked odd, even though being a great bike to ride.

  • mark

    I only got a brief ride on an 848 SF, but I liked it a lot. More refined than my ’07 Tuono, but not much faster. Sounded amazing. If Ducati had put the 11 degree 1198 engine from the Multi or Diavel in the SF, I probably would’ve bought one last year rather than the Super Duke 1290 I got this summer. Ducati’s loss was KTM’s gain, and I’m pretty happy with how it worked out.

  • eg

    Mark is 100%…next year i’m going 1290

  • Andrey

    Funny you say that Mark. I have a Diavel and 1098 SF and just a week or so ago said the same thing over a beer with some friends. Went looking for used SF’s and Diavel motors on eBay…

  • motobell

    SF is AWESOME!

    i bought a Streetfighter S 3 years ago and love it – i have a 996, rsv4, monster, fjr1300 and the SF meant i don’t ride anything else in the canyons and i did a tour on it once with ventura pack and i even commute on it alternating with the FJR..

    It is a fantastic bike… but I understand why it has a narrow appeal. I have no problem admitting that a Tuono V4 is a better handling and more capable bike.. but my SF is always the best looking bike of the bunch.

    This bike was a masterpiece of how to do naked..Aprilia just cut off some excess plastic – that is totally cool and what their brand is about.. but Ducati actually painstakingly designed a achingly beautiful bike from ground up very just take the clothes off…

    i will keep my classic.

  • Tony F

    For me, the SF 848 was much better than a Monster – performance, handling, looks, and comfort wise, much more comfy than the superbikes, and about a million times better looking than the Diavel, Multi, and Hyper lines. Best bike I’ve ever owned.

    Nott too big, not too small, plenty of mumbo, and a joy to ride along a winding back road. Oh well, maybe a KTM ndxt time…

  • eg

    @ Motobell you had me and lost me a second there…….. Why with all the SF’s amazing qualities, would you understand its narrow appeal? I don’t and would like to know why the appeal was so. Good motor, amazing looks (nothing in its category looked better), true naked built to be a naked and not just a cookie cutter job like aprilla, bmw and so on, thrilling to ride and if you wanted a tamed version 848 was available. at the time I had my SF, i also had 2 monsters, 990 SD, 690 duke R and a brutalle 990R and all i used everyday was the SF. Simply Amazing!!!

  • Carl

    Yay! A proper Ducati has to have red trellis.
    But, sadly the “looks” of this one just doesn’t work for me. Kinda too bland. Lacking Italian flair.

    I miss the older designs from the air-cooled era like the 750F1 and 900SS. Unlike the bland nation-less
    designs of late, they were so distinctively Italian. And strangely attractive. Very.
    This mechanically sound bike deserves a longer product life and better looks.

  • Exnihilo415

    Pour out a quart of oil for the last of the old Ducatis. I’ll be keeping my SF S for a long time. I understand why rhe 1098 SF didn’t sell. Off the showroom floor it’s terrible for urban use, and as I’ve never seen a rural Ducati dealer I assume it has to make for among the worst test drives. The fueling to meet emissions is legendarily bad with ridiculous stumbling below 4000rpm. The stall point is 17mph. The clutch pull feels like 30lbs and 30 minutes in stop and go traffic I need to pull over as my forearm is at muscle failure. Fortunately these problems can mostly be eliminated. TuneBoy to remap, delete the flap and the cat and a big pipe to help it breathe. Ups the horsepower (on a dyno) to 150hp with torque in the 80 lb/ft. Still respectable today. Clutch slave to cut the clutch pull effort by 20%. Vastly easier in an urban environment. That 1098 hot rod loping engine sounds amazing. The chassis is very nimble and while it is less easy to handle on track at very high speed operation, where I like to use it in remote single lane paved goat roads in the mountains it’s the best thing short of a supermoto. That wide second gear and that torque it was made for that. Added up there isn’t another bike that ticks all the boxes like the SF S. If the Dragster RR had the KTM 1290 power plant, I’d reconsider but for now it’s exactly what I want. Count me in as one of the cult followers.

  • Brandon

    I traded in my 1098 for a Streetfighter 1098 when they came out. It was honestly the best, most fun bike I’ve ever owned (out of some 15 total, including 5 Ducatis). I sold it once my warranty was up, because the plague of the plastic gas tank is going to be a huge killer on this thing. There’s just not the same market for SF tanks as there is for the 1098/848/1198 bikes. I’ve owned a new Multistrada since, and the newer 1198 motors just don’t have the raw qualities that the 1098 did. If they would bring out the 1098 SF again with a metal tank, I’d preorder one today.

  • AC

    LOVED my Streetfighter S.

    Brilliant bike, and I do think it was one of the best bikes that Ducati built. It had the Superbike looks, ferocious engine, and quite comfortable ergos. It was just a total joy to ride. I test rode the 848 version and it was just as good–in fact, a little better for around town riding.

    I’m glad to see Ducati hang onto it, and I plan on picking up a SF848 down the road. My Streetfighter was stolen and I’m still angry and devastated by it.

  • TN

    I’ve always liked these and would love to ride one sometime. Been on a Monster and Hyper, both 796s, and really loved the Hyper. Kinda figured this one would be as fun. I don’t understand how Ducati is the only factory to get stock exhausts to look right. Their stock silencers look like aftermarket. This has always been an annoyance with me for stock sport bikes, and other new bikes in general. I don’t get how they can’t make a stock exhaust that looks cool and conforms to the emissions standards.

  • Frosty

    I love my SF 848! I hope they make a new version based on the panigale, but I guess that’s where the monster 1200 lies.

    I can’t find any bike I would replace my Streetfighter with. The Superduke is a maybe, but its pricey. I loved that BMW Concept roadster that turned out to be the rather bland R1200R. No Dice.

  • eg

    @ Exnihilo415….interesting because I did not have a single issue with mine and coming to think about it, i know why. I purchased my 1098 SF online while in Ghana and had it shipped to bellissimoto for a ton of work in fact everything you mentioned and more: So that would explain why I never had any of those woes. And before I bought it i had never ridden it. I’ve never test ridden a bike in my life and perhaps that why i have a few i don’t ride. Also i live in an urban area and when my SF arrived, i never used the monsters or 848 SF again. I sold the and kept the 1098. Although i did not have the S edition like yours. All this talk might get me to build another one for keeps.

  • Bruce

    My wife booked me a ride on the 1098SF when they first came out thinking that it might be an upgrade form my Superduke 990. I’m a little surprised reading all of the “raw” Ducati comments above because I found it too polished and nowhere near as thrilling as the Superduke I rode to the dealership. It was faster top end wise for sure, but way too bland for me…..

  • eg

    Bruce i have in my garage now a 2008 SDR 990 which is a great bike and what i particularly prefer over the the SF is the tall riding position and fast revving motor with the popping sound. that’s it! the 990R does not do anything else better than the SF, nothing! its not even quicker than my old 848 SF.