Ducati Scrambler Baja Racer Concept by Oberdan Bezzi

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After a bit of delay, the Ducati Scrambler is finally hitting US dealerships in meaningful numbers, so it is timely that we see a concept piece by Oberdan Bezzi on the affordable Italian twin.

With a name like “Scrambler” a certain off-roading heritage is implied by the new Ducati model, despite its low-to-the-ground stance and clearance-challenged exhaust pipes.

Ducati’s whole marketing campaign envisions some sort of beach-ready romp machine, which taps into the California Coast lifestyle. We doubt too many owners will be scrambling on their Ducati Scramblers, but then again, we could pass the same generalization about the venerable BMW R1200GS. Anyways, we digress.

Giving the Scrambler some lift, adding some knobbies and of course a Baja-style headlight, Oberdan Bezzi has inked an interesting take on the Ducati Scrambler, which should be easily reproducible for owners and enthusiasts alike.

That is perhaps the most important aspect of the Scrambler, in that it gives owners a versatile and affordable platform for which to build upon. Ducati hopes the same, having made an exhaustive aftermarket parts catalog for the machine.

The Bologna Brand currently has a contest for Ducati dealers to see who can make the most interesting Scrambler custom. We wonder how many shops will draw inspiration from Bezzi’s design here. We hope a few.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi (Blog)