With the Ducati Multistrada D-Air, the Italian brand is laying claim to the first production motorcycle with a wirelessly integrated airbag jacket system.

Something that was announced at last year’s EICMA show by BMW Motorrad, the Italians have seemingly beaten the Germans to market, though the real announcement here is the OEM integration that Dainese is building with its D-Air suits and jackets with various manufacturers.

The Ducati system, like the BMW version, includes an integrated set of electronics built into the motorcycle’s existing electronics package. This allows the Dainese D-Air system to constantly know the motorcycle’s vehicle dynamics, and use those telemetry figures to determine if/when an airbag needs to be deployed during a crash.

Ducati says it will have the Ducati Multistrada D-Air model available on April 15th, but only available in the European market.  Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the Italians stop worrying about American tort law before we see the Multistrada D-Air available in the United States.



Source: Ducati

  • L2C

    I do love the Ducati Multistrada. That’s one bike that they got absolutely right. Great that it now comes with its own airbag apparel.

  • AHA

    This is a more logical & appealing offering than having to retro fit sensors to your bike because you bought an airbag jacket. This tech has been much delayed coming to market one suspects more for reasons to do with how to apply it in practice than issues with reliability ( I hope.). Even in Europe there’s a long way to go before there’s much take up as it’s expensive & radical – not ideal for us biking folk. Would be great to see a one-spec technology adopted by all bike & equipment mfrs so you’re not limited to one bike & one jacket.