Ducati Multistrada Biuta by Carlo Roscio

06/18/2012 @ 6:59 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

It is hard to believe that the “Biuta” began life as Ducati Multistrada, as it really looks nothing like the air-cooled Terblanche-penned bike. Getting more of Streetfighter meets Monster look and feel than the lines of the Multi, the Biuta is one hot looking machine, no matter which flavor of Desmo you prefer. Made by Carlo Roscio and his brother, the two brothers from Pavia, Italy spent over two years getting the Biuta right — and get it right they did.

Not too ostentatious, and not too sublime, the reincarnated 2003 Ducati Multistrada 1000DS looks great in powder blue, and has a tasteful mix of parts that allures to both the form & function crowds. We particularly like the custom Zard exhaust and side-mounted radiator, though we would hate to have to be the one to make all those many, many perfect welds. The only thing we don’t like? The far-too-tiny photos found after the jump.

Source: Il Ducatista via BikeEXIF

  • j.davis

    How effective can an oil cooler be if it’s mounted sideways so that air doesn’t flow through it?

  • Adam

    about as effective as Honda’s RVT design….

  • Damo

    I really dig the looks of this custom job, looks like it would even be comfortable to ride!

    The side ways radiators on the RC51 SP2 work fine. My RC51 runs at about the same temp as my 2003 aprilia RSV Mille ran, which is to say it would probably be too hot if I lived in Arizona.

  • MikeD

    I would take that exhaust off of it and use as a center piece on the dining room’s table.
    How many HOURS does something like that takes to design and weld together ?

    Man, there’s no “easy button” when it comes down to exhaust routing on the V-Twins, is it ? Underslung mufflers (RC8R, 1199, HellCat, Buell, etc) are starting to make a whole lot of sense right about now…besides the whole mass centralization, lower CG usual drill comments.

  • R-Dog

    Oh Sweet Jesus, yes!

  • j.davis

    But the RC51 had two side facing water radiators plus a fan and also one front facing oil cooler.

    This bike appears to have only a side facing oil cooler, which doesn’t seem very practicable to me, although it looks larger than a Ducati oil cooler, so it probably does increase the volume of oil that circulates through the engine.

  • MikeD


    The thing is mainly air-cooled designed…oil cooler is a ” just for good measure, let’s slap it there ” kind-o-thing. Maybe it has A pushing or pulling fan on the INBOARD side of the Rad ?

  • Damo

    Anyone know what that headlight is from?

  • Yamaha MT-01 I do believe.

  • MikeD
  • Slangbuster

    I love this thing. Nicely done!

  • Damo


    Good eyes man, thanks!

    (Side note: I didn’t even know the MT-03 existed and I have an extreme love for single cylinder lumps)

  • MikeD


    Is the least i can do after spending a lifetime on the Internet Arcades.


    Enjoy responsibly…remenber…is EU Market only.